This Chinese Valentine’s day and Ouyang Nana have no “oil” and carefree love

The newly upgraded L’OREAL Paris oil sucking stick liquid foundation has been strengthened once again. The C position of the oily skin foundation is not unique this summer. The oil absorbing stick liquid foundation is smeared with oil, smeared and then softly focused and matte, and it is fine and smooth. The skin blemish effect opens a layer of beauty filter to the skin, and blemishes, blemishes and dark circles can instantly disappear. At the same time, even when it is in contact with water, it can take all day long makeup and wipe off the water and sweat, and instantly create 24 hours of advanced skin and mist makeup. Wear make-up all day long without fear of oil! From then on, it was with “lard face” say by bye.

L’Oreal Paris joined hands with French fashion Bento brand, Ingenuity creates the Qixi Festival Limited Edition “0 oil low card love Bento”

Light Pink Double Decker lunch box is decorated with a cute heart shaped design, and the abrasive material brings the same “oil absorbing stick” liquid foundation like the high foggy surface texture, with low calorie healthy light food, and makes exquisite makeup, and the body is also free from greasy, and goes to the sweet summer’s summer.