This gestational week baby is most likely to “lack of oxygen”. Pregnant mother should remember to count fetal movements

10 months of pregnancy seems like a short time, but for Baoma, every day has a test, and every inspection is like passing the customs. There are different worries at different times.

the most worrying problem in the third trimester of pregnancy is the fetal hypoxia, which may affect the fetal neural development in mild cases, and in severe cases, it may also threaten life and health.

Pregnant doctors will tell pregnant women to detect fetal movement by themselves, but most novice mothers are not very good at detecting fetal movement. However, fetal movement is the most accurate channel for babies to transmit information to their mothers.

the first three months of pregnancy are basically spent in bed every day, because the reaction is huge, you can’t smell the smell of lampblack and pungent smell. What to eat, what to vomit, three months of pregnancy infusion of nutrient solution three times, the number of times to run the hospital has not been remembered.

other people are pregnant, and Xiaomei lost 10 Jin in the first three months. Friends joke that pregnancy can lose weight. Finally through the early pregnancy, Xiaomei’s reaction is not so strong, the days finally lead some comfortable.

but in the second week of 8 months, Xiaomei was walking downstairs and suddenly felt that the force of baby’s fetal movement was stronger than before, and the number of times was not right. At this time of day, the baby also moves 1-2 times, but today it moves frequently.

the pregnant mother who took a walk suggested that Xiaomei go to the hospital for examination. Before reading, she said that abnormal fetal movement might be a fetal problem. Scared Xiaomei to take a taxi to the hospital.

as soon as the doctor checked, he found that the baby was suffering from anoxia. It may be that the baby accidentally grasped the umbilical cord while playing in the mother’s stomach. Fortunately, it came in time and relieved Xiaomei after oxygen inhalation.

by this month, the baby’s physical development is basically completed, and the body organs are all grown up, and the size and weight of the baby are relatively large, the size of the uterus is limited, and the baby’s activities are not very flexible.

when the baby is in the mother’s stomach, he will take the umbilical belt to play. Sometimes accidentally holding the umbilical cord or wrapping it around the neck can make you lack of oxygen.

although the baby is bigger at 9 months, it will not be able to move freely when the head begins to enter the basin as it did at 8 months, because the baby is ready for natural labor. So it’s relatively safer.

fetal movement is the activity of the baby in the stomach. Generally, pregnant mothers of 18-20 weeks can clearly feel fetal movement, and sensitive Baoma can also feel fetal movement at 16 weeks.

the strength of fetal movement varies with the sex and personality of fetus. For example, the character is more lively and active, fetal movement is more, on the contrary, quiet personality, fetal movement strength will be relatively small.

the normal number of fetal movements in 12 hours is 30-40. If the vivacious fetal movements are suddenly quiet today, or the quiet fetal movements are suddenly excited, we need to pay attention to them. It may be the performance of hypoxia.

baby’s heart beat is about 120-160 times per minute, which is more than that of adults. Many Baoma prepared their own fetal heart monitor at home to do monitoring, can better understand the situation of the fetus in the abdomen.

if the baby is in the normal head position, that is, the handstand position is in the mother’s stomach, listen to the fetal heart rate at the lower left or lower right of the navel. If the number of fetal heart rate is higher than 160 or less than 120, it is recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible.

it should be noted that if the fetal movement is very violent, the fetal heart rate may also be faster, just as the heart beat faster when adults are running. The pregnant mother can judge by listening again after the fetal movement is quiet.

fetal movement is generally obvious after 24 weeks. According to the data analysis of survival rate of premature infants after birth, it is suggested to count fetal movements from 30 to 32 weeks. When the number of fetal movements, pregnant mother to maintain a half reclining position, do not recommend lying flat. Each baby’s active time is different, day or night can be. The frequency of fetal movement is not less than 6 times every 2 hours. If fetal movement is abnormal, pregnant mother can go to the hospital to check again with instruments, such as B-ultrasound or fetal heart rate monitoring. Most of the time it’s a reassuring result, so don’t worry too much. It should be noted that 10% of pregnant women will not feel fetal movement, because the abdominal fat is thicker or the fetal movement is relatively small. If it is an elderly woman or a pregnant mother with a history of anoxia and asphyxia, special attention should be paid to fetal movement.

learning how to count fetal movements can ensure the safety of the fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy, but they don’t need to put too much pressure on themselves to count fetal movements every day. In most cases, fetal movement is relatively regular and can be detected without extra monitoring. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE