This is a natural “collagen”, women over 40 years old, to be willing to eat, antioxidant, anti-aging

Many people think that only women approaching 40 are afraid of aging. In fact, this idea is totally wrong. For women, no matter what age they are, they are very resistant to aging. Now many young girls just over 20 want to run to the beauty salon all day long to manage their skin and eliminate wrinkles and spots. < / P > < p > in fact, the life pressure of women nowadays is no less than that of men. Many women are often “tormented” by various household chores and work. They do not have their own private time and are in negative mood for a long time, which makes them more likely to grow old. A person’s mood also has a great impact on his body. If he often laughs and has a good attitude, his endocrine is normal and his whole body is full of vitality, and his aging speed will naturally slow down. < / P > < p > many women often talk about “beauty sleep” at ordinary times, but few people can really get to bed early and get up early. Many women either work overtime or stay up late to catch up with drama, wasting their sleep time on other things, resulting in worse metabolism, accelerated aging of various organs, and easy growth of wrinkles and stains.

although some people think that such a mask has no real help to the skin, people who stick to the mask for a long time, and those who never pay attention to skin care, will eventually have a gap. As we grow older, the cells in our skin will gradually dehydrate and decay. Every week, applying the mask on time can supplement the nutrients needed by the skin and make the skin smooth and tender. < / P > < p > maybe some friends love sweets and often can’t help buying some sweets to eat. But this kind of high sugar food, for women, is a “sharp weapon” to accelerate aging. White granulated sugar itself is the “accelerator” of cell aging, which can oxidize the skin, darken the skin, and grow acne, so that women can step into aging from the inside out. < / P > < p > in fact, for female friends, the best way to delay aging is to live a regular life and avoid eating. Many foods are not as “harmless” as they seem, but have a lot of negative effects on the skin and the body. < / P > < p > maybe the staple food that people usually eat most is rice and noodles, but from the perspective of health and health, eating coarse grains in an appropriate amount is more beneficial to the body. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we should replace all staple foods with coarse grains. We can eat them once in a while, or replace some of them with coarse grains. We should have seen purple rice, which is rich in anthocyanins and cellulose. Women often eat it to improve their antioxidant capacity, expel toxins from the gut, and eliminate spots and lines. < / P > < p > in fact, many people will take broccoli as a vegetable they often eat during weight loss, because it is low-fat and high in vitamins. It can not only ensure nutrition, but also reduce weight and prevent constipation. Women over 40 years old, can eat more broccoli to supplement collagen, excrete toxins and garbage in the body, reduce the burden on the skin. If you want to grow old slowly, you should always bring broccoli to the table. < / P > < p > maybe people’s understanding of the value of fish still stays on “eating fish makes you smart” and “fish is not easy to gain weight”. However, in addition to these advantages, eating fish often also has a little-known benefit, that is, whitening and skin care. As you get older, the loss of collagen will accelerate the aging of the skin. If you eat fish often, you can supplement the nutrients needed by your skin and restore the elasticity and luster of your skin. < / P > < p > conclusion: Women’s pursuit of beauty has reached the acme, but I hope that we can not just talk about it, but put it into practice, otherwise aging will “come” in advance. In addition to diet, we should also strengthen exercise, improve cell vitality, and enhance physical fitness. Focus