“This is the last time my mother kisses you.” a 7-year-old boy in Zhejiang died in a car accident. He gave six children a new life

“Baby, this is the last time mom holds your hand, and it’s the last time mom kisses you…” Dongdong’s mother bent down and affectionately kisses her child’s feet. She refused to get up for a long time. Because one more kiss will be goodbye to the child.

my father fought back tears and told Dongdong for the last time: “son, you are a very strong and brave child. You like to help others since childhood. Your next mission is to help more people, do you know? Are you happy? ”

at the moment, Dongdong is lying in the hospital bed and still. “Mom and dad know, you can hear. You can’t give up on us, can you? You’re happy you can help more people, aren’t you? ” Dongdong still lies there quietly

on the morning of August 9, Dongdong, a 7-year-old boy injured in a car accident, fell asleep forever in the ward of children’s Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College

witnessed by the organ donation coordinator of the Red Cross Society of Zhejiang Province, they signed an organ donation letter after their death and decided to donate the child’s heart, kidney, liver and cornea.

Dongdong’s family lives in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. He is a smart, studious and athletic boy. Although he is only 7 years old, he has read extensively and can speak a fluent foreign language. He plays the violin very well, also has the drawing talent, in the class, among the children, he is so dazzling.

“you have always been the pride of mom and Dad! You are so kind and enthusiastic. You like to help children since childhood. You always regard helping others as the happiest thing and tell us over and over again. ” Dongdong’s mother didn’t dare to recall her son’s appearance before she died. She thought of it and began to shed tears.

just four days ago, on an ordinary day, Dongdong was about to go to a training class happily. He didn’t want to be knocked down by a speeding SUV at the gate of the community. When he was sent to the hospital, his whole body was injured, and his brain, chest and abdomen were all severely damaged.

the Dongdong family suddenly felt that the sky was falling down. They couldn’t believe that their son, who had just been alive and kicking around, became a motionless bloody man in an instant.

the next four days are the most difficult for Dongdong family. No matter how unbelievable, they are told that they must be prepared to accept the loss of their children.

how they wish it was a nightmare, that they would soon wake up and discover again and again that this is the reality. Dongdong’s father and mother saw the public welfare propaganda of organ donation on the wall of the hospital at the most sad and helpless moment. They thought and thought and decided to donate the child’s organs, so that his life can be extended in another form!

“we have lost our children and don’t want to see other people suffer the same pain as us. This is the last thing Dongdong can do for this world. I believe that when he goes to another world, he will also be a useful person to society. ” Good parents said.

“honey, you used to be afraid of little flying insects. When you get there, you don’t have to be afraid any more. In the future, butterflies and dragonflies will circle around you, because you are a little angel.”

“baby, when you get there, take good care of your grandfather and grandmother for your parents. You will be filial to us there. Grandfather’s legs are not convenient. You should be a sensible little adult… “