This kind of malignant condition of the stomach is actually “dragged out”. We should pay attention to these abnormalities

The important feature of gastric tumor is not only abdominal pain, but more than 60% of patients with gastric cancer will have different degrees of abdominal pain in the early stage. Many patients with gastric cancer in the early stage of pain is not particularly obvious, only occasionally experience. In a long time without food intake, or after a large amount of food intake, there will be paroxysmal abdominal pain, early pain is not particularly strong, but with the continuous deterioration of the disease, the pain will also increase, some patients with gastric cancer will have different degrees of pain after each meal.

in patients with gastric cancer, most of them have a long history of gastritis. According to the different symptoms of gastritis, the classification is also different. One of them is superficial gastritis. This kind of pneumonia is relatively not particularly serious and generally does not develop into gastric tumors. There is another kind of atrophic gastritis, this kind of gastritis will relatively threaten people’s lives, this kind of gastritis will seriously affect people’s normal function when atrophic, if not paid attention to, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of gastric tumors.

some patients with early gastric cancer may have hematemesis of unknown causes, and at the same time, they will find that there are blackened objects in the excretion of stool. In general, many patients do not take it seriously. In fact, the body bleeding is mainly due to tumor invasion of our blood vessels and lead to rupture and hematemesis. If the tumor destroys our small blood vessels, the patient will have blood in the stool for a long time, which is a typical early symptom of gastric cancer.

the symptoms of gastric cancer in the early stage are not particularly obvious. Patients occasionally have a feeling of fullness, accompanied by acid reflux and nausea. With the continuous development of the patient’s condition, there will also be symptoms of eating disorders. In the early mild when the feeling of nausea is not particularly serious, with the continuous development of the disease evolved into dysphagia, and even some patients will have gastric reflux. At this time, patients with gastric cancer will have symptoms of indigestion, so once found, they should go to the regular hospital for gastroscopy.

from gastritis to gastric cancer, there is a certain development law, and there is a certain process. So once you find that you have some symptoms of stomach discomfort in your life, you should check and treat them in time. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging