This method of contraception is rejected by domestic couples, but it is popular with foreigners. Which one do you like best?

Introduction: the society has been making progress, our living standards are also constantly improving, people’s ideas have gradually changed, for example, people’s re understanding of & quot; Sex & quot; and at present, most people begin to accept the open sex. Now people pay attention to the spiritual enjoyment, rather than the fear of secular vision. < / P > < p > with the opening up of society, the proportion of unmarried first pregnancy has also increased significantly. Contraception has become a difficult problem for couples or couples who do not want children. How to scientific and effective contraception is a topic that many people study. We may learn some experience from foreign contraceptive methods. < / P > < p > when many couples with children decide not to have children, they often choose to put a contraceptive ring on women. Although this method is effective, but the harm to the body is not small, some women will occasionally abdominal pain, but also cause menstrual disorders, affecting blood circulation. However, those who fail in the IUD are more at risk, even seriously affecting their quality of life. Unmarried, unmarried women are not suitable to use this method of contraception, so how can foreigners effectively contraception? < / P > < p > the Japanese may be more open-minded than we are, and they also have a simple and effective way of contraception, which is to use condoms. They have a complete condom industry chain, and the rubber industry is relatively developed. Many famous brand condoms come from the country. This method will not produce any harm to the body, but also can prevent two people from cross infection, which can better promote the relationship between husband and wife. < p > < p > the UK pays attention to the long-term effect of contraception, so they take the contraceptive for a long time. This drug into women’s body will inhibit the production of eggs, so as to achieve contraceptive effect. This method can not only long-term contraception, but also make the two more intimate communication, many people prefer the contraceptive effect of this method. < / P > < p > Americans have always been more straightforward. They will perform ligation surgery when necessary, once and for all, to meet the demand for permanent contraception. After successful surgery, they will no longer have to worry about pregnancy. < / P > < p > I don’t know if you have found that women make sacrifices for contraception both at home and abroad. No matter which method, the harm of contraception is relatively large, female compatriots must pay attention to protection, protect their own body. If the following points are done well, the harm to the body can be reduced: < / P > < p > zinc can nourish the body, enhance the immunity, and is an essential element of human body. Ginseng is not only rich in zinc, but also a variety of trace elements. Therefore, if women want to maintain their health, they must try to take ginseng to enhance their physique. < / P > < p > skinny jeans can highlight the body very well and are popular with many people. But at the same time, if you always wear tight pants, the “private part” will be oppressed and unable to breathe, which will lead to the increase of private temperature, which is not conducive to the normal secretion of estrogen, which is harmful to the body. Wearing loose clothes as much as possible can protect the female body. < p > < p > water is the source of all things. Water can promote the excretion of toxins from the body, enhance the circulation of the system, and reduce the burden on the kidney. Hua Tuo, a Chinese physician, once recorded that mulberry, cinnamon and malt are all used to nourish the kidney and replenish Qi. At the same time, it can be combined with soybeans, black sesame, ginseng and ginger. There are many nutritional ingredients in the formula, which can enhance our physical fitness. After washing the above ingredients with cold water and boiling for half an hour, you can take them. This method is a little complicated. If you are usually busy and have no time or worry, we will prepare them for you. Conclusion: a proper and relaxed life of husband and wife can enhance the relationship between them. Pregnancy does great harm to women’s health. Many people don’t know about contraception, which leads to accidents. Some Chinese men and women will reject this kind of contraception by foreigners. Although the contraceptive methods of foreigners are effective, they still do more or less harm to the body. Therefore, couples must take good care of their bodies after the event. The body is the capital of revolution, and it is very important to have a healthy body. Focus