This new contraceptive method can increase the feeling of love, so convenient that you just need to apply it on your shoulder

Modern contraceptive methods have been more scientific and safe than the previous methods. All the contraceptives we know do harm to our bodies, and most of them are women. < / P > < p > the common contraceptive methods and means are women taking contraceptive drugs, women wearing contraceptive ring or men wearing contraceptive umbrella. It not only affects the body of both husband and wife, but also reduces the feeling of love experience.

scientists have studied a new type of male contraceptive gel, which is easy to reach on the shoulders of men to achieve contraceptive effects, ending the way women have been using contraception for a long time. < / P > < p > the method of using it only needs to be smeared on the shoulders of men, and only needs to be used continuously for 3 months to achieve the contraceptive effect. If a man wants to stop contraception, he can stop for more than 3 months, then he can return to his original physical state and make the female pregnant successfully. Progesterone is mainly used to inhibit the activity of pregnancy inducing substances in male body, while testosterone is mainly used to balance the hormone imbalance caused by progesterone. This invention can be said to benefit some women allergic to silicone products, but also save the health of women who often take contraceptives.

a man said: the new contraceptive gel will enhance the sense of love effectively. He has had enough of the contraceptive umbrella. This gel can minimize the risk of unwanted pregnancy, and it will not cause any physical harm to both husband and wife, as well as enhance the feeling of love. < p > < p > a post-90s woman said: this kind of contraception is very difficult to stop infectious diseases. It can only play the role of contraception, but it can not hinder diseases. It is still not easy to use contraceptive umbrella. < / P > < p > when men use contraceptive umbrellas for contraception, they need to check whether they are complete and damaged. Try to buy those with good quality and famous brands. When using, pay attention to its integrity, as well as the size suitable for men. < p > < p > when the IUD has been in the female body for decades, it is likely to cause certain damage to the female body. If the contraceptive ring has exceeded its shelf life, women should go to the hospital to take out the contraceptive ring, replace it with a new one and take care of it. < / P > < p > most women turn pale when they hear of contraceptive drugs. However, for some women with abnormal hormone secretion levels, women can take them under the guidance of doctors to adjust their menstruation and improve their hormone levels. At this time, women can also reduce the risk of pregnancy.

the birth of this new contraceptive gel is undoubtedly a gospel for women. I believe that with the development of science and technology and the level of medical technology, there will be different degrees of contraception between couples. Focus