This one is the “accomplice” of cerebral infarction. If you eat more, your blood vessels will be more and more blocked, and you should try to touch less

In recent years, there are more and more people with cerebral infarction, but it’s incredible that a large number of people with cerebral infarction usually don’t smoke and drink a lot, and they don’t often stay up late. But it’s brain infarction.

in fact, many diseases come from the mouth, often in the food we eat every day. If we don’t pay attention, it will bring all kinds of health problems.

this kind of food is very common in life, whether it is breakfast or ordinary diet, it will appear. Although fried food with high temperature can have good taste, it is extremely unhealthy.

this is because too much oil deposits in the body, especially causing blockage of blood vessels, thus inhibiting the flow rate of blood and increasing the risk of cerebral infarction. Of course, there may not be any problems in a short time, but long-term choice of this kind of food will completely consume vascular health.

we just pursue the stimulation of taste, but we never consider the nutrition, especially how much threat these foods will cause to vascular health after being absorbed. It will not only induce cerebral infarction, but also all kinds of cardiovascular problems.

if you can ensure 2000 ml of drinking water every day, you can well dilute the high blood consistency in the body. It can well clean up the “impurities” in the body, help dredge blood vessels and reduce the occurrence of cerebral infarction.

in our daily life, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of blood vessels. In fact, it is not so difficult to maintain blood vessels. More attention can be paid to diet, because there are a lot of food in the diet that can maintain blood vessels.

for example, asparagus, Auricularia auricula, Agaricus blazei, Lycium barbarum, ginkgo, seabuckthorn, soybeans and so on. These foods contain some special ingredients, such as linoleic acid, linolenic acid, asparagine, carotene, vitamin C, rutin, quercetin and so on. These nutrients that are beneficial to blood vessels can reduce plasma cholesterol content and promote fat metabolism Ring, has a certain dredge vascular “garbage”, prevent arteriosclerosis.

therefore, this kind of food beneficial to blood vessels should be eaten more and often. If conditions permit, it can also be supplemented with some vascular nutritional supplements, such as Agaricus blazei Murill and asparagus liquid, which has a more obvious effect on the maintenance of blood vessels.

the reason why we should exercise for a long time is not only to control our weight better, because now many people are busy working for a long time and ignore their health, especially sitting in front of the desk for a long time, which will lead to slow blood flow, cause excessive fat accumulation in the body, and easily cause various vascular health problems, and cerebral infarction It’s one of the most lethal situations.

language is a kind of gymnastics to exercise the brain. At ordinary times, people often use their mouths to communicate with colleagues, neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. In addition, we should use our brains, think hard, and read more books and magazines that are beneficial to our physical and mental health.

“what if you lose your health and win the world?” For middle-aged people, especially don’t put too much pressure on themselves. When you are not working, you should force yourself to relax completely and take time to travel with your family.

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