This way of eating Liqiu dinner can warm, nourish and nourish, replenish energy, and make you feel comfortable in autumn, and your body will no longer be empty

Many people around me don’t eat staple food for dinner in order to keep fit. In fact, I admire these people very much. It takes perseverance to insist on not eating dinner. My family is hungry and tired every day after work. They steam rice at the door first and then eat some fruit snacks when preparing the dishes.

if you don’t eat dinner, you will eat a lot of fruits and snacks, and finally feel hungry. Therefore, every day’s dinner is indispensable. After enjoying the dinner, you can go out for a walk or even jog for a while, which makes you feel comfortable and does not grow meat.

a long line of pepper, stir fried with some tomatoes, is spicy and delicious. It’s very suitable for dinner. My husband and I like to eat it. The child is too hot to eat.

most of the time, our lamb chops are eaten like this. There is no need to stir fry or smoke. The meat is soft, rotten and delicious. The broth is super clear and delicious. It is really delicious. The practice is simple. You don’t need to master the heat and worry about the time of stewing. Just press a key of lamb chops and you can eat delicious lamb chops in half an hour.

egg corn soup is made of fresh corn kernels and eggs. It tastes like a five-star hotel when it is taken out of the pot and then put in fresh wolfberry. It’s very delicious. First, shred the sirloin, fry the water, then put in the cowpea which is cut into small sections, and stir fry until the cowpea is cooked out of the pot. This is a very home-made delicacy. Almost every family does it, but everyone makes it The taste of Chinese food is different, which is also the broad and profound place of Chinese food.

today’s dinner is very simple, but it’s extremely popular. In the afternoon, I rode with my husband. It was nearly eight o’clock when I got home. The child had eaten outside. What did you have for dinner? Suddenly I thought of spicy powder.

home made spicy powder is simple and fast. First, soak the noodles in a boiling water pot, put a small amount of oil in the other pot, fry the peanuts, take out the peanuts for standby, put in about ten pieces of pepper and pepper directly to stir fry the fragrance, remove the pepper and pepper, and then put a large spoon of relatively coarse chili powder, a small spoon of salt, a piece of rock sugar, a piece of spicy hot material, stir fry Add proper amount of water, add a piece of spicy hot base, taste more mellow.

this is the spicy hot juice. Take the soft vermicelli into a bowl, pour it with spicy juice, and then scald a few slices of lettuce, and a bowl of spicy powder will be ready.

in my family, we often use the method of cutting the eggplant, sprinkling a little salt, marinating for a few minutes, and then squeezing out the water. In this way, the eggplant does not absorb oil and is soft and tasty. With green pepper and tomato, it tastes very delicious.

saozi noodles are our special pasta. Every family can make them. But everyone has their own skills. It is a matter of pride to make a bowl of saozi noodles that is most suitable for their families.

the most beautiful is home cooked food. I am: the warmth of the kitchen – home cooked food can be seen every day. Make a meal, a dish and a soup for your family every day! Home cooked food is the taste of home, the warmth of the kitchen, a small day full of love. Home cooked food is to make healthy and nutritious meals with simple ingredients every day. Welcome to continue to pay attention! Welcome to leave comments in the comments area and put forward valuable opinions. Thank you for your comments, likes and sharing. Your name will always exist on the Internet