Those pregnant mothers who give birth very quickly usually have the following characteristics, one of which is a rare blessing

Speaking of natural labor, many people’s reaction is that they don’t want to experience a second time. Because from birth to delivery, women have to experience the pain of contractions, the difficulty of opening the uterine mouth, and the birth and death line of the fetus. It’s really hard to endure. However, some people say that the pain of natural childbirth is so painful that they doubt their life, and that they have suffered a lot of crimes because of the long time of natural childbirth. Some people say that natural childbirth is very easy, the stomach has a falling feeling, just like the feeling of wanting to go to the toilet, and then it is finished in a short time. Natural labor is very fast, and not how painful people, it is really enviable, pregnant mothers also hope that they can also be this kind of lucky puerpera, right? < / P > < p > if you want to have a very fast natural labor, you must first have good natural conditions. Pregnant women who have a wide pelvis, rather than a flat, long pelvis, have a better natural birth. Because the fetus passes through the birth canal better, the resistance is small, the pregnant mother suffers less, and the natural birth is fast. Of course, if the fetus is also small, it will be easier to pass through the birth canal. < p > < p > for example, my cousin gave birth. The doctor said that her pelvis condition was good, and the weight of the fetus was only more than five Jin before delivery. My cousin wants to have a caesarean section, and the doctor doesn’t recommend it. In the end, she was ready to suffer. As a result, the natural childbirth process was super smooth, faster than those of the second birth. The doctor sighs: the maternal body condition is good, the baby weight is also small, the childbirth only then suffers less, this is a kind of good fortune. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers have the habit of exercise before pregnancy, such as running, practicing yoga, swimming, etc., and they also keep proper exercise during pregnancy, and their physical quality is relatively good. Moreover, often maintain movement, can enhance the muscle elasticity, when the natural labor muscle tension is big, the fetus is easier to deliver. At the same time, exercise can promote the blood circulation of itself and the fetus, and improve the physical tolerance of pregnant mothers. In this way, both the pregnant women and the fetus are in the best state during the delivery, and the natural natural and natural delivery is faster. < / P > < p > I remember that when I gave birth to a child, I could bear the pain at the beginning, and when I opened eight fingers, I couldn’t stand the pain. Then he couldn’t help shouting and crying, and the doctor couldn’t comfort him. Finally, the doctor said, “you shout and shout like this, you’ve exhausted your physical strength. Where can you have strength when you’re born?” As a result, as the doctor said, I was born for a long time. When I finally shivered, I just couldn’t make up my strength, but I had to move forward. Therefore, those pregnant mothers who are usually gentle in temperament, can control their emotions, and can endure pain, suffer a little pain and do not yell and scream. Only when they give birth do they know how to conserve their physical strength, so that they can give birth faster. Therefore, it is suggested that pregnant mothers must know how to cooperate with doctors to preserve their physical strength. Don’t just say one word from the doctor, and you will make two sentences at random. As a result, the physical strength will be consumed and the birth will be slow. < / P > < p > we know that if one wants to do something, confidence is very important. If you are confident, you can get twice the result with half the effort, but if you are not confident, you can only give up halfway. In fact, the same is true of having children. In fact, most of the pregnant mothers who give birth very quickly are in a good mood and are full of confidence in natural childbirth. Even if the pain, even if encounter resistance, will also give their own inspiration, follow the doctor’s command, good production, the result will be faster and more successful. On the contrary, those pregnant mothers who have a bad mentality, are full of fear of natural childbirth, and have no confidence in themselves will generally give up when they give birth. As a result, they will either spend too long in giving birth, or they will fail. Therefore, in production, mentality and confidence are very important. 08/16/2020