Thought it was indigestion, but found out the stomach cancer, a bad habit before going to bed at night hurt him

In the hospital internal study meeting, a gastroenterologist shared a case of gastric cancer, which impressed huazi deeply. The case is a 30-year-old male patient who works for a technology company. In recent months, I feel that my stomach is not very comfortable, especially after eating, I still feel stomachache. He thought it was indigestion. He was busy with an important development project at that time, so he bought some stomach medicine and painkillers for digestion, but the symptoms were not relieved. It was not until the end of the project that I asked for leave and went to the hospital for gastroscopy, which was diagnosed as gastric cancer. < / P > < p > when he got the pathological results, the patient was in a daze at that time. He couldn’t understand why he was so young and had cancer. After a detailed understanding, he found a bad habit. Because of his work, he often works late. There is a barbecue stand downstairs, so his dinner every day is basically a barbecue stall and drinking. He goes home to sleep after a little drunk. According to the data released by the World Health Organization, China is a country with high incidence of gastric cancer, and the important reason is related to diet. When the temperature of barbecue is very high, the protein and sugar in food will produce heterocyclic amine; the fat in food will produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, both of which are carcinogens. The gastric parietal cells stimulated by carcinogens for a long time are easy to mutate into cancer cells. If the number of cancer cells is small, it can be eliminated by the human immune system. However, if you eat foods such as high temperature roasting, smoking, and high salt for a long time, more gastric parietal cells will mutate repeatedly. When cancer cells are not cleared in time, they will develop into cancer. If gastric cancer is found early, the cure rate can reach 97%. But the gastroenterologist said, “the early symptoms of gastric cancer are asymptomatic.” The criterion of judging early gastric cancer is not the size of its area and whether there is local lymph node metastasis, but by its depth. However, early gastric cancer has no symptoms, or the symptoms are very mild and atypical, which can only be detected by gastroscopy. Therefore, for people over 40 years old, people with family history of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, people who smoke, drink, eat high salt and barbecue food for a long time, people who like to eat all kinds of moldy food for a long time, people who eat too little fresh vegetables and fruits at ordinary times, and people who feel uncomfortable in gastrointestinal tract should be screened by gastroscopy. < p > < p > 1. Drink more nourishing food and water: gastroscopy is only passive defense, and prevention of gastric cancer is active attack. For example, in the useful Hericium erinaceus, cloves, orange peel, barley, seabuckthorn, hawthorn, jujube, Poria cocos, bergamot and other nine common food materials, daily water when tea, can not only supplement the lack of nutrition, but also warm and nourish the stomach, give the stomach “a bath”. Eat less barbecue and smoked wax food: stomach diseases are mostly caused by improper diet. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, gastric cancer cases are caused by the bad habit of eating barbecue every night. Therefore, for burning, heavy wax, salting high salt, mildew and other processing methods of food, to eat as little as possible, avoid excessive intake of carcinogens. Eradication of Helicobacter pylori: in patients with gastric cancer, more than 90% have Helicobacter pylori infection, which is a high risk factor for gastric cancer. Therefore, people with Helicobacter pylori infection, especially those with gastrointestinal symptoms, must be treated with Helicobacter pylori eradication. Don’t eat while it’s hot: the esophagus and gastric mucosa of human body only bear about 60 ℃ temperature. If you eat more than 60 ℃, it will cause scald of digestive tract mucosa. While the injury is in the repair process, it is easy to mutate and deteriorate. So don’t eat while it’s hot. It’s healthier to eat when it’s warm. Protecting the stomach with teeth: when the stomach wall stirs hard food, it is easy to cause its own wear and tear, and the gastric parietal cells may mutate in the repair. So when eating, to chew slowly, with teeth will be food completely crushed, do not gobble, can protect the gastric mucosa from damage. < / P > < p > to sum up, this case has sounded the alarm for everyone. Even young people who are in good health should know how to maintain their stomach health, and do not often use barbecue as dinner. To develop good living habits, protect their own stomach. If the stomach is uncomfortable, or people with high risk of gastric cancer, it is necessary to do gastroscopy for screening in time. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE