Three cases are not suitable for pregnancy, poor development of the baby, pregnant mother is not good, do not harm themselves and harm the baby

Pregnancy is a set of all the good things in one thing, but under the influence of some adverse factors, once the unexpected pregnancy, is blessing or disaster is unknown.

there are three situations that are not suitable for pregnancy. If a pregnant mother is pregnant with a baby, the safety is also very worrying. In order to protect themselves and their future babies, mothers should try to avoid these periods.

what a coincidence. Xiao Jiang took some medicine and intravenous drip. After a few days of cold, he found that his menstruation was delayed. Frightened, he took the test paper and tested it. Jiang patted his forehead: “it’s over. She’s pregnant.”

now Xiao Jiang is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot every day. He says he can’t take medicine when he is pregnant, but he takes a lot of cold medicine. Will the baby be affected?

with a bit of luck, Xiao Jiang went to the hospital. “The effects of early pregnancy are almost” all or none, “and if the embryo does not miscarry on its own, there is no need to worry about it,” the doctor said

after the birth examination, Xiao Jiang passed smoothly. Now she is more than seven months pregnant and is about to give birth. Both Xiao Jiang and Tai Bao are very healthy. When I think about the little things that happened when I was just pregnant, I’m still a little scared.

Xiao Jiang is lucky, but not every Baoma is so lucky. These three conditions are not suitable for pregnancy, if the treasure mother in these circumstances, may hurt the fetus and hurt themselves, should consider suspending pregnancy preparation.

there is no relatively accurate conclusion on the effect of drugs on fetus. Early pregnancy embryo is mainly affected by “all or nothing”, either spontaneous abortion, or the baby will survive healthily.

some diseases themselves may have an impact on the fetus. In order to ensure the health of pregnant mothers, pregnant preparation should avoid these periods as far as possible, and choose the period with good health and good mental state.

whether it is spontaneous abortion or artificial abortion, it is not suitable to conceive in a short time after the occurrence. The uterus after abortion needs a period of time to recuperate, especially after abortion surgery, generally need to rest for half a year.

if Baoma has had threatened abortion for more than two times, it is recommended to consult a doctor before preparing for pregnancy to find out the cause of habitual abortion, and then start pregnancy preparation after targeted treatment.

Baoma, who has experienced cesarean section, knows the pain of cesarean section. The scar uterus formed after operation needs to be recuperated. It is generally recommended that Baoma continue to prepare for pregnancy at least 18 months after cesarean section.

many pregnant mothers are worried about the radiation from mobile phones and computers. In fact, the radiation of electrical appliances in daily life belongs to non ionizing radiation, which is similar to sunlight, and is harmless to the fetus. What should be noted is X-ray irradiation and CT examination.

the safe range of CT and X-ray examination for fetus is 50msv. Radiation below this dose will not lead to abortion and deformity. The general chest CT examination is 0.06msv, chest X-ray is below 2 μ SV, which belongs to the relatively safe range.

long term exposure to chemical substances and industrial pollution may have an impact on the baby in the abdomen. Especially in the second trimester of pregnancy, it is a relatively dangerous period of high incidence of teratogenesis. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to it.

although pregnancy and vomiting reactions are common, we should face them objectively. In early pregnancy, eat less and more meals, and eat fruit properly can relieve pregnancy vomiting. In the morning, eat some whole wheat bread to neutralize gastric acid, so that the body is comfortable and appetite is better, so that you can eat enough nutrition.

in the early stage of pregnancy, eat dark green vegetables, such as spinach and asparagus, and the content of folic acid is very high. Pregnant women can also take folic acid tablets directly. It is recommended that 400 mcg of folic acid should be taken every day, and the content of folic acid in common vitamin tablets should be paid attention to, so as to avoid taking too much folic acid.