Three kindergarten teachers arrested by police

According to the official microblog of Hohhot Public Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on September 29, 2020, at about 10:46 on September 28, 2020, the public security branch of Hohhot new district received an alarm from the parents of Zhaojun garden students in dingqi kindergarten, saying that suspected pinholes were found on their children. After receiving the alarm, the New District Public Security Bureau immediately arranged the police to rush to the scene to carry out investigation and evidence collection. According to the investigation, Bai, female, born in 1994, is a teacher of the kindergarten; fan, female, born in 1972, is a nursery teacher; Shi, female, born in 1996, is a teacher of the kindergarten. The three suspects are suspected of abusing their guardians and guardians and have been detained by our bureau. Home