Three kinds of “alcohol” that are easy to hurt the liver are announced. If you are addicted to alcohol, don’t move the whole box home. It’s easy to get into trouble

I believe that many people who like to drink understand the harm of drinking better than anyone else, but they don’t think so and always take chances. When it comes to drinking, the most harmful part is the liver. Although the liver has the function of antialcoholism, it is the same as the human stomach. It can hold up a lot and eat ten Jin and eight Jin of food even if you try your best to eat, but it does great harm to the stomach. < / P > < p > it’s the same with liver. Although it can decompose and metabolize alcohol, no matter how good the liver is, it can’t stand drinking a lot for a long time. It often makes the liver bear the burden beyond its ability, and liver disease will happen sooner or later. < / P > < p > but when it comes to abstinence, many people begin to make excuses, either because of the need of work or because of life. In short, the voice is: no abstinence! But you know what? People who often drink alcohol, if they suddenly quit drinking, the following changes will happen to their bodies. If they are excited after watching, they should act quickly! < / P > < p > many friends who love drinking have the problem of high blood pressure. This is because drinking can stimulate blood vessels, lead to vasoconstriction, narrow the channel of blood flow, and naturally increase the blood pressure. However, after abstinence, the pressure on the blood vessels is reduced, and the self-healing function will be restarted. The narrowed and hardened blood vessels will slowly restore their elasticity, and the blood pressure will fall back to the normal level. The risk of hypertension will be reduced, and various complications will not be “ready to move”. < / P > < p > after drinking, we always feel a splitting headache, and our bodies are not as quick as before. In fact, this is the “sequelae” brought by long-term drinking, because alcohol will paralyze our nerves. Long term drinking will easily lead to alcoholism. Alcohol stimulates the brain nerves, which will lead to memory damage and decreased responsiveness. If we do not give up drinking in time, the brain will accelerate aging. < / P > < p > everyone doesn’t like to have a big belly on his body, but for people who love drinking, it’s inevitable, because the heat of beer itself is very high, and when drinking, it’s unrealistic not to eat. The habit of drinking and eating meat will make our stomach protrude like a balloon. If you can stop drinking in time, less extra calories, the body will accelerate the consumption of body fat, the belly will also be reduced. < / P > < p > many long-term drinkers eventually have the same problem, that is, alcoholic liver disease or liver cirrhosis. For normal people, reasonable diet is most in line with the working ability of the liver. The liver can help us consume, decompose and metabolize fat, garbage and toxins in the body, while excessive drinking will damage liver function and lead to liver endotoxin accumulation. And timely abstinence, can let the liver “breath”, self repair, improve liver function, discharge liver poison. < / P > < p > speaking of this, you should understand that, in fact, the benefits of abstinence are beyond our imagination, and these benefits may be nothing for an ordinary person, but for people who have been injured by alcohol, they are “life-saving medicine”. In fact, abstinence is much more difficult than we think. The road of abstinence is long. Even if we can’t succeed in abstinence, we’d better avoid these three kinds of “alcohol” that hurt the liver most. < p > < p > nowadays, people can do anything to pursue stimulation. What kind of “mixed wine” such as beer and white wine, red wine and drink, white wine and iced black tea all appear in our lives, but it’s not easy to find out Because this kind of wine is diluted by the drink, the alcohol content is low, it will make everyone take one mouthful after another, and they don’t know why. At last, what they drink into their stomach may be far more than their original amount of alcohol, and the damage to their body is naturally greater. < / P > < p > during dinner, if someone is late, they will basically punish themselves for one cup when they come. But at this time, we have no food in our stomach. Drinking this kind of “fasting wine” will give alcohol a chance to directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, make alcohol easier to be absorbed by the body, and increase the burden on the liver. < / P > < p > in order to pursue stimulation, some people will specially find some wine with high alcohol degree. After drinking this kind of wine, people will feel a burning feeling immediately. If you feel very exciting, it’s too careless, because it’s the stomach that is asking you for help. You often drink high alcohol. Who don’t you go to for stomach disease or liver disease? < / P > < p > drinking is harmful to your health. I hope you can give up drinking as soon as possible. If you really want to drink, it’s better to drink some herbal tea to nourish your liver and stomach, so as to reduce the harm of alcohol to your body. 08/16/2020