Three kinds of breakfast can be called “rotten liver king”, eat more hurt liver, want to raise liver, had better be away from in time

As the saying goes, the plan of a day is in the morning. Therefore, after a night’s rest, the body itself is a little short of nutrition. A healthy breakfast is very important for us. < / P > < p > if we choose not to eat breakfast or eat unhealthy at this time, it will lead to sufficient nutrition intake and great damage to the body. < p > < p > among them, our liver, as a very important member of the digestive system, can easily cause damage to the liver once there is an unhealthy diet in breakfast. < / P > < p > eggs and milk contain a lot of nutrients, in essence, there is no harm to the body. Therefore, healthy people have nothing wrong with eating these two kinds of food for breakfast. < / P > < p > for people with liver damage, eggs and milk are easy to aggravate liver damage. Due to the high protein content in eggs and milk, it will lead to bile secretion disorder, which is easy to aggravate their liver burden, resulting in diarrhea and other conditions. < / P > < p > fried dough sticks is a favorite breakfast for many people, especially when it is served with soybean milk, it is absolutely a delicious standard. But the fried dough sticks suggest that we should eat as little as possible. < / P > < p > after all, a lot of grease will be produced in the process of making dough sticks. If long-term intake, it will lead to excessive accumulation of fat in the body, which will damage liver cells and easily lead to fatty liver and other diseases. < / P > < p > after all, pickles, as a kind of pickled dishes, will produce a lot of nitrite during the storage process. And this substance has a strong carcinogenicity, into the human body, it is easy to cause liver cells to produce canceration. The gingiva and nose were the most common bleeding sites. If you are in the non oral reasons or external force collision situation, also appear gum bleeding, then it is very likely that the liver has been damaged. With the damage of liver function, the bile secreted can not enter the intestinal tract for digestion. So it can only be excreted through urine; and then in the process of mixing with urine, the result is. < / P > < p > halitosis caused by liver damage is mainly due to liver metabolic function problems. As a result, a lot of toxic substances in the body can not be fully metabolized, they will form some odorous substances in the body. < / P > < p > the odor emitted by these substances will be discharged from the body through respiration, and thus produce halitosis in the mouth. Compared with halitosis caused by oral factors, halitosis caused by liver has a rotten smell. < / P > < p > what kind of breakfast is a healthy breakfast? To be exact, a healthy breakfast includes three elements: first, adequate nutrition; second, easy digestion; third, clean and hygienic. < p > < p > in the aspect of nourishing liver, the ancient Chinese medicine Yanggan tea formula is very effective. Generally, they do not cause irritation to the liver as western medicine does, and they have less side effects. As long as some plant medicine is added to the water which is beneficial to the liver, it can transport nutrition for the liver and promote health. < / P > < p > these six kinds of Chinese herbal medicine made of Yanggan tea have protective and nourishing effects on the liver. If you use it frequently, you can get it directly by clicking the card below the picture. Privacy Policy