Three kinds of cigarettes must not smoke, the lung damage far more than other cigarettes, you hit it?

Introduction: in modern society, young people’s work pressure is so great that many people go to smoke to relieve pressure. Even some teenagers think that smoking is a cool behavior and blindly follow the trend. These are incorrect practices, which not only have a bad impact on the social atmosphere, but also cause their own health to be threatened. Some old smokers even turn their lungs into black, so lung health is necessary We need to pay attention to it!

fragrant tea is what many old smokers are willing to buy, because they don’t have to buy cigarettes all the time, which will save a lot of expenses. However, there will be disadvantages. Tobacco is easy to mildew, especially in humid environment. Moldy tobacco contains toxic substances. Some people are reluctant to throw away moldy tobacco and inhale it into the body, which has a serious impact on the lungs.

smoking is harmful to one’s health without any benefit. The substances in miscellaneous cigarettes are even more mixed, which may contain more harmful substances than well-known cigarettes. In order to save money, smoking miscellaneous cigarettes will seriously threaten your health.

there are many kinds of cigarettes, among which fine cigarettes are one of them. Many people think that the harm of fine cigarettes is small, so it is deeply loved by the majority of smokers. However, because the filter nozzle of thin cigarettes is thinner than ordinary cigarettes, harmful substances are more easily inhaled into the lungs.

Auricularia is well-known to all. It has a lot of nutrients, and its nutritional value is extremely high. Iron and vitamin C are the most abundant. It can speed up the blood flow, promote blood circulation, and appropriately reduce blood lipids and blood pressure. It is also very good for the lung. It can make toxins better discharged from the body. It is absolutely not wrong to eat more Auricularia in your spare time 。

more exercise can strengthen our immunity and improve our physical quality, especially the vital capacity, lung endurance and blood circulation. It is also essential for people who smoke a lot to do more physical exercise.

Bian que, a famous traditional Chinese medicine, once recorded in his book a small recipe for lung protection, namely, pangdahai chrysanthemum tea, which is mainly made of such plants as pangdahai, chrysanthemum, Siraitia grosvenorii, honeysuckle, tangerine peel, tangerine peel, gardenia, etc., which are very beneficial to lung.

making method: select the above plants, wash them with water, and then put them into the pot and boil them for about 15 minutes. If there is no time to make them, you can choose tea bags, which is very convenient.

conclusion: lung is indispensable in people’s body, and it is very important. Quitting smoking is responsible for one’s own body. I hope you can protect your lung, pay attention to lung problems, eat it often, and lead to health successfully. Focus