Three kinds of fish, or formaldehyde and heavy metal “nest”, some people when treasure, almost every day to eat

The most representative food without legs is fish. Fish taste delicious, low-fat and high protein, unlike pork, eat too much easy to fat, fish contains “brain gold”. Fish plays an important role in Chinese cuisine, as the saying goes, “no feast without fish”. When we entertain guests, we usually prepare a fish dish. < p > < p > modern people’s material life is more and more rich, pork is no longer the main choice of people, more like to eat some healthy meat, and fish is the best choice. However, many people do not know that it is because of the vitality of fish that it is easy to be polluted by harmful substances. If you eat the contaminated fish, it will damage your health and even increase the risk of cancer. In particular, the following types of fish have potential safety hazards. < / P > < p > now people are eating more and more abundant food. People no longer only pay attention to satiety, but also want to eat fresh food. If they can eat food that others have not eaten, they will feel more confident. < p > < p > people with better living conditions will like to eat some large-scale deep-sea fish, such as shark, salmon, etc. regardless of love, eating these large-scale fish into the body is really not conducive to health. < / P > < p > this kind of fish is at the top of the marine biological chain. It mainly feeds on various small fish and marine organisms. The food filter layer accumulates continuously in the body of large fish, which will contain excessive mercury and other heavy metals. After ingestion, heavy metals exceed the standard and affect health. However, some people regard deep-sea fish as a treasure and eat them almost every day. Most of the fish we eat in our daily life is freshwater fish. Most of the fish we buy in the market are about 2kg. Generally, fish over 4 kg is rare. Most people will be complacent after buying such fish. < / P > < p > but there may be some problems with such fish. First of all, the fish must grow older, and the fish meat will be older, and the meat quality is relatively old, and the taste is not good. < / P > < p > the older the fish is, the longer the life in water is, the more harmful substances such as heavy metals accumulated in the body will also be Fish, will also occur cell mutation, resulting in huge size, such fish eat into the body hundred harm no benefit. < / P > < p > so when buying fish, it’s better to choose 8-point-sized fish. For example, grass carp is about 4-5 kg, carp is about 1.5 kg, and small crucian carp is about 0.5-1 Jin. < / P > < p > the vitality of fish is relatively strong, and it can survive in harsh environment. Therefore, some fish growing in heavy pollution will be sold by unscrupulous traders. At this time, we must be vigilant. < / P > < p > when buying fish meat, if there is a smell of kerosene, it may have been polluted by phenol in the water. Generally, the water quality is polluted by phenol containing wastewater discharged from factories. < / P > < p > if there is a pungent smell, the fish must have been polluted by formaldehyde, because formaldehyde has the effect of antisepsis and color enhancement. Some bad traders will add formaldehyde to the water, which will make the fish fresh and beautiful, and induce people to buy it. However, such fish is not conducive to health. < / P > < p > once you eat fish that is not good for your health, it will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. In serious cases, you may have the risk of allergy or even cancer. Therefore, when you find that the fish is deteriorated and contaminated, you must not buy it again, even if it is free. < / P > < p > finally, I would like to remind you that when buying fish, if there is a choking nose and hot eyes, such fish are generally contaminated. Even if it is cheaper, we can’t buy it, because it will cause harm to the body. < / P > < p > in addition, we should also pay attention to killing fish, but do not break it. There are bile acid, hydrocyanic acid and other harmful substances in the fish gall. For adults, only a few grams of fish bile can lead to poisoning. Therefore, we must pay attention when cleaning fish. If the fish gall is broken, it will lead to bitter fish meat. Hope You can avoid it. Skip to content