Three mistakes of eating breakfast hurt your stomach more than not eating breakfast. If you can avoid them, your stomach will thank you

Breakfast should be a special satisfaction for everyone, but it’s really difficult for some people. They are workaholics and Game Masters. It’s easy to work and forget to eat and sleep, and even to go to the toilet when playing.

it’s just because of this that eating without restraint and not eating on time cause great harm to the body. Before a patient, male, 30 years old, often told me that the stomach is often uncomfortable, to the hospital to do a gastroscopy, chronic gastritis. Ask the reason is that the long-term diet is not rhythm, hurt their own body. Don’t think that the disease is far away from us, so everyone must take it seriously when having a good breakfast, but there are also many things to pay attention to. Eating the wrong breakfast will hurt the stomach more than not eating it. Look at these misunderstandings, have you been recruited?

first, breakfast is too early. There are many people who need to get up early and go to work and school. They often need to get up very early and wolf down breakfast immediately after they get up. But in fact, such a way of eating may damage our intestines and stomach. Experts point out that when people sleep, our digestive system is also working normally, helping the human body digest the food that has not been digested the day before The finished food didn’t really go into dormancy until early in the morning. When you get up early in the morning, your intestines and stomach are not really awake. Eating at this time is easy to increase the pressure on your intestines and stomach. If you go on for a long time, it will be bad for your health, so it’s not good for you. Here we suggest that you get up and try to exercise for 10 minutes, to help the normal recovery of the stomach after drinking a cup of warm water, add water, and then eat breakfast, you can replenish the body’s energy in time!

second, having a good breakfast means having a rich and nutritious breakfast. Some people think that we must have a good breakfast and need to eat a lot of protein rich food, so we start to eat meat, a lot of dairy products and fried food for breakfast. The first point mentioned above is that our intestines and stomach are not fully awake in the early morning, so we should absorb so many nutrients, and breakfast should be balanced with nutrition, so that people can feel comfortable and start a new life It’s a beautiful day. It’s not excessive, so don’t eat too much, eat more food that is easy to digest, and don’t overeat. Usually, you can eat some cereals, such as rice, noodles, some cereals, vegetables and fruits, and milk.

third, it’s absolutely impossible to eat while walking. Many people get up late and stay up late. They just get up when it’s time, so they don’t have extra time to have a good breakfast. In the long run, they have formed the bad habit of eating breakfast while walking, which is especially bad for our digestion and absorption.

what’s more, try not to take snacks as breakfast, such as chocolate, biscuits and puffed food. These snacks usually have preservatives. It’s certainly unhealthy to take them as breakfast for a long time. There are also some overnight meals and dishes, which are not recommended to eat in the morning. These leftovers will form nitrite. If you eat them for a long time, it will induce gastric cancer. We must fully realize its harmfulness.

having said so much, I want to tell you that we should pay attention to the misunderstanding of eating breakfast. Breakfast is very important. It can improve our immunity, prevent many diseases, speed up our metabolism and bring us a good mood. For our health, we must avoid these misunderstandings and treat our stomach well. CUISINE&HEALTH