Three tips for mosquito prevention and control: “strengthening the wall and clearing the wild, isolation for the top, and bringing your own armor” are three tips for mosquito prevention and control. Beware of dengue fever in summer!

High temperature and humidity in summer and frequent mosquito activities are also the high incidence season of dengue fever. For dengue fever, a mosquito borne infectious disease, there is no vaccine or specific drug. Strengthening self-protection and avoiding mosquito bites is one of the important measures. To this end, Shanghai Health Promotion Center for the general public to support three measures, keep in mind the “magic” to protect health!

the first move is to “strengthen the wall and clear the wild”, starting from the environmental remediation: remove the water containers such as bottles, bottles and cans, and all kinds of water in the surrounding environment. Remember to cover the water container, change the water of hydroponic plants in time, and do not omit the water in the flowerpot and water dispenser tray.

the second move is to “isolate” at home and outdoors. At home, screen door, screen window and mosquito net are the first choice for mosquito prevention. If you are outdoors, you can choose to wear light color long sleeves and trousers, and tie the neckline, cuff and trousers mouth tightly; also avoid staying in the wet shade of trees and grass for a long time.

as a last resort, try “bring your own armor.”. Before outdoor activities, spray mosquito repellent produced by regular manufacturers on exposed skin. At the same time, we should pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin clean, and reduce the movement of mosquitoes.

in addition, citizens should be reminded that if they travel to dengue fever endemic areas, they must enhance their awareness of prevention and prevent mosquito bites. In case of fever, headache, joint pain, rash and other symptoms after returning to Shanghai, do not take it lightly. You should go to the nearest fever clinic in time and take the initiative to inform the recent travel history.