thrilling! Seven year old girl hung outside the window, police and firefighters removed guardrails to save the child

The girl opened the window and looked downstairs to look for her mother, but she fell down carelessly and got stuck in the guardrail outside the window. Tongzhou police and firefighters arrived, while protecting the child, while breaking down the guardrail, finally saved the child safely.

at about 9:00 on August 9, Yongshun police station of Tongzhou Public Security Bureau received an emergency alarm: “the child is hanging on the guardrail outside the window and will fall down!” After receiving the police, the police arrived at the scene as quickly as possible. In the community, a girl was hanging on the guardrail outside the window of the sixth floor, half of her body was hanging in the air, and she was in a state of danger!

the policeman ran up to the sixth floor in one breath, jumped to the window a few steps, stretched out his arm, and held the child’s body tightly with his hand across the narrow window. Another policeman came to the fifth floor below, leaned out of the window of the fifth floor and held the girl up with tools. At the same time, firefighters also rushed to the scene to carry out rescue, using demolition tools to remove the guardrail, trying to remove the little girl from the cracks in the guardrail.

as time went by, the hearts of the rescue workers were hanging in the air with the children, and the rescue work was carried out in a tense manner. In addition to holding the child by hand, the police also tied the child’s body firmly with a rope. The other end of the rope was firmly held in the hands of the police, adding “safety belt” and “double insurance” to the child. At the same time, the firemen’s demolition continues, and they are getting closer to the children. They are very careful with every effort they make. Police continue to encourage children to ease their tension.

Finally, with the successful removal of the fence that jammed the child, the police and firefighters pulled the child back from the window to the house, and the child was finally safe! Subsequently, the child was sent to the hospital by the 120 ambulance which had been contacted by the police. After the doctor’s examination, the child’s condition was basically stable, and there was no major obstacle.

how can a well behaved child appear outside the window? Originally, the child’s mother went out for a walk, leaving the child to do homework at home. Later, the child wanted to find her mother, so he opened the window and wanted to call her mother. As a result, he slipped out of the window and hung on the guardrail.