Thrombosis is not sudden, the body’s four performance is to remind you, as soon as possible to check!

“Thrombus”, known as the invisible killer of health, once there is thrombus in the body, where it is blocked, it will cause serious problems of the body, especially the cerebral blood vessels, heart, arteries, the three important channels, any one of which has a risk of life-threatening.

and thrombosis is not a sudden occurrence. After it appears, the body will have some typical symptoms. If it can be identified early, it will reduce the probability of adverse health outcomes.

under normal conditions, the thickness of the two legs should be the same. If you find that the thickness of your two legs is different, then the thicker side is likely to have venous thrombosis.

if you don’t have any problems with your cardiopulmonary function during the examination, but you always feel chest tightness and shortness of breath recently. In fact, most of this is caused by thrombosis in your body.

this kind of situation usually occurs in people who have less exercise at ordinary times. Their exercise ability is poor, and the blood flow will also slow down, which is easy to cause thrombosis.

and after thrombosis, the oxygen carrying capacity of blood will be weakened. In addition, if the thrombus flows back to the lung, it is also very dangerous, which is easy to cause pulmonary embolism.

when your own cardiovascular system is not very healthy, at the same time, the root of your tongue is hard, you can’t speak clearly, and things in your hands are easy to fall off. You should pay attention to the fact that there may be thrombosis in the cerebral vessels.

if you have a good rest, but you always yawn constantly recently, it is likely to be the second case. Due to the influence of thrombus, the blood can not flow back in time, which will lead to hypoxia in the head, resulting in continuous yawning.

especially for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, the lack of blood in the body will increase the viscosity of blood, slow blood flow, and waste generated by the human body can not be eliminated, which will accelerate the formation of thrombosis.

therefore, we must form the habit of active drinking water at ordinary times, so as to ensure the normal metabolism of the body. Especially, it is very important to drink a glass of water after getting up early and brushing teeth.

but if you sit for a long time, the blood flow rate of lower limbs will slow down, which will increase the probability of venous thrombosis of lower limbs. For example, drivers and office white-collar workers are high-risk groups.

in the past, there were a lot of thrombosis, which actually had a lot to do with eating habits. Nowadays, most people are used to eating refined food, and their intake of dietary fiber is relatively small.

dietary fiber in coarse grains can not only promote intestinal peristalsis, but also accelerate cholesterol efflux, reducing the incidence of hyperlipidemia and blood viscosity. Pets