Thunder outside, the dog at home alone is too afraid to hide in the toilet, forgive me for laughing!

When we were children, we would hide in the house when it was raining, especially in thunderstorm weather. The sound of thunder was very loud. We would cover our ears with fear. Only under the comfort of our parents would we be better. If parents are not around, they will be scared to death. It’s not only children who are afraid of thunder, but also animals, such as our pets.

one netizen has a dog at home. Because the dog grew up at home since childhood, and he is a little timid. When he goes out for a walk, he doesn’t dare to play with other dogs. If there is a big noise, he needs to find a space to hide, such as jumping into the bucket at home. On this day, netizens went out and didn’t stay at home. As a result, thunder and rain were mixed on that day, and the thunder was very loud! Netizens are worried about the dog’s condition at home, so they go home immediately!

looking around at home, finally found the dog in the toilet! The original dog was too afraid of thunder, did not find a bucket, so had to get into the toilet to hide! Originally there is a little bit of love for it, but look at it squatting toilet appearance, the master can’t help laughing out loud! Dog: shovel shit, you finally come back! I’m so scared. Come and hold me out!