Thyroid nodules, taboo “four things”, away from the “three habits”, nodules or can gradually become smaller

Many people will find that there are more and more people suffering from thyroid diseases, especially after physical examination, thyroid nodules, abnormal thyroid function, and even some people have thyroid cancer. The thyroid gland is located in the neck, below the thyroid cartilage. The main function of both sides of the trachea is to secrete thyroid hormone, which is an important endocrine organ of the human body. The formation of thyroid hormone is based on iodine and tyrosine, which is synthesized and secreted in the thyroid gland and participates in the growth, development and metabolism of human body, which is very important for health. < / P > < p > staying up late, getting angry, eating improperly and so on, will cause certain damage to the thyroid gland, and the thyroid gland is not a sudden pathological change, and the body will send a warning signal to you. < / P > < p > when it is found that there is a protrusion in the front of the neck, we should pay attention to it. Goiter is one of the early symptoms of thyroid lesions, which is not obvious and is easy to be ignored. < / P > < p > we all know that thyroid nodules are more common, and most of them are benign. Many people relax their vigilance. In fact, thyroid nodules may also appear cancerous. < / P > < p > if there is goiter all the time, and sudden metastasis occurs, you should be vigilant. This may be due to thyroid lesions. Please go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. < / P > < p > the thyroid gland is located in the throat, so if the cancer cell appears a fast semicolon after the thyroid lesion, it may compress into the trachea, resulting in difficulties in speaking, swallowing, hoarseness and other symptoms. < / P > < p > some people mistakenly think that it’s just a common cold. If your symptoms can’t be relieved for a long time, please go to the hospital for examination to ensure the health of your thyroid gland. Iodine is very important for thyroid function, but too much or too little iodine is not good for health. High iodine content of food intake in the body will lead to increased burden on the thyroid gland, stimulating the thyroid gland to induce thyroid nodules. Therefore, in our daily life, we should control the intake of food with high iodine content, such as kelp, laver, salt, etc. Only under the guidance of the doctor, can the patient’s condition be improved gradually with the help of professional medication. < / P > < p > many people attach great importance to their health, so when they are sick, they will choose to eat some tonic food for themselves to supplement the body with nutrients. However, in the case of thyroid nodules, if you often eat hair, it is likely to cause the disease to become more and more serious, and even stimulate the thyroid gland and induce thyroid cancer. < / P > < p > the release mainly refers to crab, fish, shrimp and other food materials. After such food is ingested into the body, it is likely to stimulate the thyroid gland and cause thyroid disease. I advise you to shut up. < / P > < p > many people’s diet is not spicy, but eating a lot of spicy food will also stimulate the stomach and stomach, increasing the risk of gastritis and gastric ulcer. Eating too much spicy food can also disrupt the endocrine system of the body, increase the risk of thyroid nodules, and even increase the burden of thyroid. Chili, hot pot, spicy hot pot and other foods are highly praised by the public, but they are really not conducive to health. I advise you to avoid eating any more than you like, and don’t act willfully. < / P > < p > with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the diet has changed greatly, and the diet is becoming more and more abundant. Some people like to eat high fat and high calorie food, but they do not know that excessive intake will not only induce obesity, but also increase the risk of chronic diseases. Obesity can also lead to endocrine imbalance, which can stimulate thyroid gland and thyroid nodules, so greasy food should not be served on the table. According to TCM, Qi is the source of all diseases. People who love sultry are more likely to lead to stagnation of liver qi, blood stasis and toxin in the body can not be discharged. A long time will also affect the stability of the body’s internal environment, increase the burden of liver metabolism, and induce liver disease. < / P > < p > therefore, adjusting one’s mentality is more conducive to the recovery of thyroid nodules, and also helps to maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. < / P > < p > many people have bad habits, especially smoking and drinking. If they do it at the same time, it will cause great damage to the body, which will also affect the endocrine system and increase the risk of cancer, such as thyroid cancer. < p > < p > after incomplete combustion, cigarettes will produce thousands of harmful substances, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar, which will disturb the nervous system and lead to endocrine disorders. < p > < p > drinking seems to be a very simple thing, but excessive alcohol intake will also cause telangiectasia, increase the supply of thyroid blood, and affect thyroid health. Smoking cessation and abstinence from alcohol are more conducive to the gradual recovery of thyroid function. Staying up late is a common disease of most people nowadays. Staying up late for a long time will affect the endocrine balance of the body, affect the secretion of thyroid hormone and increase the burden of thyroid. < / P > < p > now people have more thyroid nodules, which is closely related to staying up late for a long time. Staying up late for a long time will reduce one’s own immunity, increase the risk of disease, and even reduce the physical fitness. < / P > < p > in order to alleviate the problem of thyroid nodules, we hope that we must adhere to early to bed and get up early. Before 11:00 p.m., we will enter into a deep sleep state, and maintain a rest time of 7-8 hours, which is more conducive to the body’s detoxification. Focus