Tianjin primary and secondary school opening time set!

Yesterday, the Municipal Education Commission issued the opening arrangements of various schools at all levels in our city this autumn semester. It is understood that the city’s primary and secondary schools, grade one, grade one and grade one of senior high school will open on September 1; grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6 of primary school, grade 2 and grade 3 of senior high school will start school on September 2.

the second and third grades of secondary vocational schools will open on September 1; from September 7, the first grade of secondary vocational schools will study and determine the opening time according to the actual situation.

the Municipal Education Commission requires that before the school starts in autumn, schools in all districts should carefully prepare for the start of autumn school, focusing on improving the system system, screening the health status one by one, making good material reserves, enriching the personnel team, carrying out environmental remediation, preparing for epidemic prevention, and conducting simulation exercises, so as to ensure the smooth and orderly opening of autumn school and epidemic prevention and control. After the school starts in autumn, we should also fully understand the pressure and challenge of students returning to school and running at full load. We should further improve the level of campus prevention and control, strengthen health monitoring, implement relatively closed management, strict access management, strict ventilation and disinfection management, strict centralized activity management, strict canteen health management, strict dormitory management, adhere to scientific wearing masks, and strengthen Prevention of multiple diseases to ensure the health of teachers and students and campus public health safety. CUISINE&HEALTH