Tianjin training institution Royal Children’s closing down: more than 1000 parents damaged

More than 1200 parents have been injured, involving more than 15 million yuan, according to preliminary statistics. < p > < p > interface Education found on microblog that “Tianjin Royal Children” is the line of 10000. Among them, according to the blogger, at 17:01 p.m. on October 23, Tianjin Hedong campus teachers issued a class suspension notice, and then “the campus was closed and the buildings were empty.”. Most parents have already paid more than 10000 tuition fees, with more than 20000 to 30000. < p > < p > the blogger also revealed that the Royal Children’s organization in Tianjin’s other five campuses received notice of suspension almost at the same time. “In fact, in retrospect, there were signs last week that they suspended classes once because the teacher was not feeling well. After communicating with everyone yesterday, they found that the reasons were the same.” On November 6, in the leader’s message board, the people’s Government of Nankai District in Tianjin replied that after investigation, the situation reflected by parents was true. Therefore, Nankai District has set up a special class of “Royal Children’s English” dealing with stability, and eight departments of Nankai District have made every effort to solve this problem. < p > < p > according to the Royal Children’s website, founded in 2009, it is a local children’s English training brand focusing on all foreign teachers in Tianjin. Its courses include: English for 3-6-year-old children, English for 6-9-year-old children, connection between kindergarten and primary school, picture book course, juvenile version and online picture book house. At present, royal children has five campuses in Tianjin, which are located in Nankai District, Hexi District and Hedong District. Other campuses are located in Qingdao, Hainan, Ningxia and Shandong. < p > < p > according to tianyancha app, the full name of Royal Children’s company is jinhuitong Pearson Education Technology Co., Ltd., which was established on December 23, 2011, with legal person Guo Xiang and registered capital of RMB 1 million. < p > < p > Guo Xiang and Huitong Pearson company under his name have been involved in a number of judicial litigation cases, Huitong Pearson has also been listed as abnormal operation. In October this year, Guo Xiang was listed as the person to be executed by the court, with a total amount of 6.68 million yuan. At the same time, he himself and his affiliated enterprises failed to fulfill their legal obligations and were restricted from high consumption. < p > < p > interface Education asked Pearson, a British education group, whether Huitong Pearson has a cooperative relationship with it. The other side said, “it doesn’t matter. We will not allow the cooperative company to use Pearson as the company name.” “The name of Tianjin Huitong Pearson Education Technology Co., Ltd. is suspected of infringement, and Pearson will further investigate,” it said Focus