Tianliang often drink this soup, delicious tonic can go to the fire, women can drink detoxification, beauty, delay aging

For our health, this time should change some of the previous eating habits, eat less cold food, less cold drink. On the contrary, we should eat more nutritious and nourishing things. Soup, for example, is a good choice. Each place’s eating habits are different, there will be some differences between the north and the south. Southerners like to eat some soup water food, in addition to some simple vegetable soup, but also can make some nourishing medicine food soup or attractive sugar water. Now it is the solar term for summer heat, which proves that autumn is really coming. Recently, the whole city has been affected by the rain. Although the temperature will be more comfortable, but the difference between the morning and the evening is still very big, at noon the sun is still very strong, but at night, or to add a coat. < / P > < p > under such a temperature, we must pay more attention to diet. Today, I want to talk about a kind of health preserving soup. The main ingredient used is chicken feet, which is added with chestnut. It not only tastes delicious, but also has the effect of beauty. This kind of soup is very nourishing. If you eat more, you won’t get angry. It’s also special for raising people. If you don’t know what to eat recently, come and learn. < / P > < p > 1. Prepare all the ingredients needed above. It’s best to buy chicken feet in the market in the morning, and choose fresh and larger ones. Because it is to make soup, so in order to retain its nutrition, try not to use frozen to do. Clean the chicken feet and cut off the nail. Take a small piece of ginger, peel and slice. Add water into the pan, pour cooking wine and ginger slices. Put the chicken feet in, turn to high heat and boil. After the water boils, remove the froth on the chicken feet and take out the chicken feet to wash them. The corn is cut into sections. In order to make the soup more delicious, I add jujube into it. It doesn’t need too much, just one. Remember to clean the dates. Take out the stewing cup, put the chestnut, corn, chicken feet and jujube together, and add enough water. The best choice of water is warm water, which can make chicken feet more soft and rotten. When the time is up, take it out and taste it. If you think it is light, sprinkle some salt in it, mix it well and drink it. Such a delicious, spleen tonic calcium soup is completed, children can also drink some. Focus