Tmall global Chengda group’s preferred platform for incubating new brands, and tatcha, a high-end skin care brand, plans to release a number of new products

Today, e-commerce not only surpasses Ka supermarket, CS and general merchandise as the largest sales channel of cosmetics. This year’s epidemic has accelerated the migration of consumption to the online market, but also enhanced the stickiness between consumers and e-commerce channels. It shows that 45% of the consumers surveyed said they would increase their consumption on e-commerce platforms. Obviously, e-commerce will continue to grow after becoming the largest channel of cosmetics with 27% of the total. < p > < p > Lu Qiao, head of the beauty industry of tmall global, a cross-border e-commerce head platform, once said that in recent years, a small number of imported beauty brands that meet the segmentation trend and personalized & quot; demand have experienced explosive growth in tmall global. Recently, tatcha, a Japanese high-end skin care brand owned by Unilever, officially opened a store in tmall global and entered the Chinese market for the first time. < p > < p > tatcha is a new natural beauty brand acquired by Unilever in 2019. Founded in San Francisco in 2009, the brand is rooted in the beauty culture of Kyoto, Japan, and develops skin care products based on natural ingredients such as green tea, rice and seaweed. At present, tatcha has 20 items on the shelves of tmall global, and plans to release a number of new products and the exclusive customized gift box for double 11. < p > < p > tmall global has become the preferred platform for large groups to incubate new brands. In recent years, Unilever has continued to acquire new and cutting-edge brands to strengthen the beauty and personal protection sector. Subsequently, these brands took the lead in entering China through tmall global, accelerating the incubation and growth, and exploring the opportunities of China’s beauty market.

in June 2017, Unilever bought the high-end cosmetics brand Hourglass for the first time into the make-up area, and bought it for only 3 months. The brand then entered Tmall international to enter the China market, classic &quot, &quot, and blush. Ren, a British high-end natural skin care brand acquired by Unilever, entered the Chinese market through tmall global in May 2018. In 2019, the sales of Ren in Shuang 11 increased by more than 480% year on year. 25% of the global sales of the brand came from the Chinese market. In addition, the professional skin care brand Dermalogica, Murad, independent skin care brand Kate Somerville and high-end hair care brand living proof purchased by Unilever have opened stores in tmall global and will appear at the upcoming third China International Import Expo. < / P > < p > tmall Global’s new brand incubation ability in the field of imported cosmetics and the leading role of INS beauty, a new global trend of beauty, have attracted more and more international beauty groups to use it as the preferred cooperation platform. < / P > < p > data shows that in the past year, more than 500 new brands of beauty make-up have been settled in tmall international, with 13 sales exceeding 100 million yuan and 33 over 10 million yuan. At present, more than 120 well-known overseas cosmetics brands have entered the Chinese market for the first time through tmall global, covering the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Poland, the United Arab Emirates and many other countries. < / P > < p > it is believed that in the future, based on the insight and understanding of the new generation of ethnic groups, tmall global is also trying new marketing methods to quickly catch the eyes of young people through the language and methods preferred by the target groups. Focus