To be healthy, you should be able to eat four kinds of food, beautify and beautify, expel toxin, and enhance autoimmunity

Introduction: if you want to be healthy, excrete toxins, beautify your face, and enhance your immunity, you should keep good eating habits. In our daily life, we need to pay more attention to the changes of our body, master some little knowledge about health, pay more attention to the living habits of health care, and combine the theory with practice, so that the body can better feed back to itself. Pumpkin contains a large number of pectin and dietary cellulose, which can moisten the intestines and defecate, improve intestinal function and promote food digestion. People who are prone to constipation can eat more pumpkins. Pumpkin also contains carotene, which can be transformed into vitamin a needed by human body. Vitamin A can prevent night blindness and protect eyesight. Can also, for some leg cramps, insomnia patients play a certain help, enhance the brain’s memory. Especially in the autumn, this kind of relatively dry integrity, eating more pumpkin, has greater benefits to the body. Pumpkin can not only be used to steam, boil, stew, but also make pumpkin pie, pumpkin steamed bread and pumpkin congee. Spinach contains protein, vitamins, fat, calcium and other nutrients. Spinach can also effectively decompose the body’s fat and play a certain role in reducing fat. Spinach contains. Calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, eat more spinach, can let children promote growth and development, ensure adequate nutrition, enhance bone growth. In addition. Eating spinach can help the elderly Runchang defecation, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, toxins and moisture in the body, and eliminate their own edema. In addition, spinach also contains vitamin K, a trace element that the human body lacks, which can promote the skin to become better, the skin is more white and shiny, supplement iron, and has certain auxiliary treatment for the prevention of anemia patients. Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, which can effectively reduce the fat content and promote the metabolism of fat. Dietary fiber can help the body to clear away heat and reduce fire, moisten intestines and relieve constipation. Kiwi fruit also contains folic acid and other elements, which can effectively promote the growth and development of the fetus. “King of fruits”, the function of kiwi fruit, effectively whitens skin, lightens spots and melasma, and improves oily and dry skin. It is rich in vitamin and can effectively promote the gastrointestinal function of the body. In particular, some obese people can eat some apples appropriately to reduce the cholesterol in the human body, and effectively regulate blood glucose and cholesterol values. I carry a kind of fruit aroma, which can effectively relieve psychological pressure, relieve bad mood and relax mood. Apple can also effectively regulate the acid-base balance in the human body. In addition, Apple also contains anthocyanins, vitamin C and other trace elements that can beautify and beautify the skin, enhance the elasticity of the skin, and let the beauty loving female friends have a better look. Scientific surveys have found that many countries like to use unhealthy carbonated drinks. The research shows that tea contains. Various vitamins, amino acids, tea polyphenols, etc., our body’s cholesterol, regulate human physiological functions, play a role in health care, but also by detoxification, beauty, beauty, clear our body cells of free radicals. < / P > < p > summary: to be healthy, you should be able to eat. There are four kinds of food, which can beautify, beautify and detoxify, and enhance autoimmunity! Want to be healthy, discharge toxins, beauty, enhance autoimmune, quickly action! 08/16/2020