To be honest: people with bad stomachs are often delayed by six kinds of “stomach nourishing food”

Then we have to mention the organ of stomach. The stomach digests and decomposes what it eats into the stomach, then supplies nutrients to the human body for absorption, and then discharges waste and harmful substances through the intestine.

rice porridge is light, soft and glutinous. After a long time of cooking on a low fire, the rice grains and water have been completely integrated, so it is more conducive to human absorption.

in recent years, yam has become a popular food. This kind of food is mild in nature and suitable for people of any age group. Long term consumption can nourish the spleen and stomach.

when choosing yam, we should try to choose some soft glutinous varieties to better protect the stomach. But some people are not suitable for long-term consumption of yam, such as people with dyspepsia and those who are prone to stagnation after eating.

of course not. For example, oily noodles and sliced noodles are hard, while fried noodles and mixed noodles are greasy. Eating these noodles will not only not nourish the stomach, but also cause a burden on the stomach that is originally uncomfortable.

when there is acid regurgitation and burning sensation in the stomach, the elderly will eat two soda biscuits to relieve it. This method is really effective because the alkaline substance in soda biscuits can neutralize gastric acid.

if you are a group with less gastric acid secretion, if you still eat soda biscuits regularly, it can only make the gastric acid secretion less and less, and finally affect the health of the stomach.

in fact, if you want to have a good and comfortable stomach, the most important thing in diet is to have a regular diet, balanced nutrition and pay attention to hygiene. If you only eat these so-called stomach nourishing foods, you can keep your stomach well. What else do you need to do? Luanban