To middle-aged people want to health, the following food do not let go, with the maintenance of blood vessels, detoxification and anti-aging

Cherry tomatoes contain vitamin acid, crude fiber, trace elements, phospholipids, and trace ions of magnesium, which can greatly promote the human body’s detoxification, beneficial to physical and mental health. The content of potassium in cherry tomatoes is very high. Potassium can play a role in maintaining the body’s acid-base balance, participating in energy metabolism and maintaining the normal neuromuscular function. It can nourish the body and has many benefits. < / P > < p > Chinese cabbage is a kind of green food with excellent efficacy. It not only contains a variety of nutrients necessary for human body, but also a kind of food with excellent therapeutic effect. After people eat it, it can play the role of promoting blood circulation, protecting liver, expelling toxin and clearing intestines, preventing three high, and has obvious effect on human’s mind restlessness. In addition, regular consumption can dredge blood vessels and clear toxins in blood, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The content of lysine in peanut was higher than that in peanut. Catechins and lysine can help fight aging. Peanut is also high in calcium, which can supplement calcium and promote development. Peanut is rich in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can inhibit free radicals, antioxidant, anti radiation, anti-tumor, anti-aging and other biological effects, enhance skin elasticity, protect skin, and promote skin health. The fungus is a kind of common food, and there are many kinds of conventional edible fungi. Fungi are rich in cellulose and chitin, and the nature of the cold, into the large intestine, has the effect of enhancing intestinal smooth. The diet of patients with hypertension should be based on low salt and low-fat, and Morchella is a kind of precious edible fungi. It is rich in nutrients and has the reputation of “meat in vegetable”. It contains rich crude protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of vitamins and many kinds of trace elements. Its nutrition can be equivalent to milk, fish meal and meat. It is a kind of natural and green health food. 08/16/2020