To prevent dengue fever, mosquito control is the key

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by dengue virus. It is transmitted by Aedes mosquito. It mainly occurs in summer and autumn. In this regard, the Shanghai CDC reminded the public to do a good job in mosquito prevention and control in their daily life, and should seek medical treatment in time if there are fever, rash and other symptoms after mosquito bites.

I’m so small that I can’t see it with the naked eye, but it’s enough to cause fever, muscle and joint pain, rashes, a disease called dengue fever, and even death.

when they bite dengue fever patients or other recessive virus carriers, I will follow the gurgling blood flow and transfer into its body, and then settle down and rapidly reproduce in its midgut, ovary, salivary gland and other organs. Then, when it bites you again, I will move along its long beak into your blood, successfully completing a perfect transmission.

after I enter the human body, I do not cause obvious symptoms in the initial 3-14 days of incubation period, which is because my number is not enough to make people sick.

after the onset of the disease, the first thing people experience is the surge of body temperature rise. It is necessary to be above 39 degrees, accompanied by pain in large joints of the whole body, which is like bone erosion. After 3-5 days, the high fever decreases. At the same time, the rash comes one after another, making people uneasy for a moment.

generally speaking, in 1-3 days, I will be completely eliminated by the immune system of the body, and the fever and rash will gradually subside, and then I will be cured. However, if the patient does not seek medical treatment in time, or other types of virus have the opportunity to re-enter the infected person to cause secondary infection, it may develop into severe dengue fever with severe headache, nausea, vomiting, disturbance of consciousness, neck stiffness and other meningitis symptoms. At this time, patients must be admitted to hospital in time and get comprehensive treatment and nursing.

in Shanghai, the only vector to worry about is Aedes albopictus. It can even spread the virus to every corner of the world by virtue of its ability of diapause after leaving water, hatching after encountering water, and the characteristics of virus transmission through eggs.

Aedes albopictus likes to breed in small water bodies, such as all kinds of bottles and jars, vases, stray cat water basins, even the drapes of tarpaulins and the water in the stone gullies of Taihu Lake. As long as there is water, it will become the breeding ground of Aedes albopictus, and batch after batch of mosquitoes will fly out. Therefore, to prevent infection and get sick, the most effective way is to eliminate these small water, reduce the density of Aedes albopictus, so that dengue virus can no longer make waves.

since there is no specific treatment and effective vaccine for dengue fever, please pay attention to mosquito prevention and control in daily life, especially those who go to dengue fever epidemic areas, and pay more attention to the following points:

if fever occurs within 2 weeks after returning to the local area, you should see a doctor in time and explain the history of going out in order not to spread the disease to home Person, please cooperate with local health department to be hospitalized and isolated for treatment.