To prevent mosquito bites, boys spray DDVP on their buttocks! Results poisoning

On the night of August 22, 8-year-old boy Xiaohao was sent to the children’s intensive care unit of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical College. The doctor found that the child was full of pesticide smell and asked about his medical history. Sure enough, Xiao Hao mistakenly “inhaled DDVP” about 4 hours ago.

how about aspiration? Family members said that the toilet was sprayed with dichlorvos to kill mosquitoes. Xiao Hao stayed in the closed toilet for a long time, resulting in poisoning symptoms. After Xiao Hao came out of the toilet at home, he always said that he had a headache and was sweating profusely. He went to the hospital urgently.

the doctor immediately cleaned the skin, monitored and took blood for test. The results showed that the cholinesterase decreased significantly. Combined with the medical history, the diagnosis of organophosphorus poisoning was clear. After giving the symptomatic and supportive treatment, Xiao Hao’s headache gradually improved and cholinesterase increased gradually.

However, about 10 hours after admission, Xiao Hao had large erythema on his buttock skin, and within 2 hours, he developed large blisters and exfoliative dermatitis.

it turns out that when Xiao Hao went to the toilet, mosquitoes kept biting his ass. in order to teach these pests a lesson, Xiao Hao even sprayed a high concentration of dichlorvos from the spray pot on his “butt”. As a result, mosquitoes were eliminated, and they were also harmed by dichlorvos.

high concentrations of dichlorvos enter the body through direct contact with the skin and respiratory tract. No wonder the poisoning performance is so serious and the skin damage is so serious. PARRENT&CHILDREN