To Zuo Guo biting’s daughter’s appearance exposure: eyes like father, nose like mother

Xiang Zuo and his fans have always maintained close contact. Today, a netizen posted a chat record called “Xiangzuo information desk” in the fan group to share the recent situation of Xiangzuo’s biting family. Xiangzuo said that he was in the monthly club every day, and he felt very happy now. The little grandfather’s eyes were like Xiangzuo and his nose was like Guo biting. He was the best baby he had ever seen. I hope fans can To be as happy as Xiang Zuo biting.

recently, Taiwan media reported that Guo biting gave birth to a daughter on October 1, the national day. Xiang Zuo accompanied his wife throughout the whole process, and Xiang Tai and his wife also arrived at the scene to accompany the birth. I think they are full of expectations for the child.

Xiang Zuo biting and her husband and wife are frequent visitors of hot search. They are almost all presented in variety shows from the time they realize that they fall in love and then get married. However, the issue of pregnancy and childbirth has changed the previous high-profile, unwilling to be exposed under the lens of the media, and rarely disclosed on social platforms. HEALTHY LIFE