Today, many people are scared by this video! Many times, some people have been hit!

I ate 3 kg of crayfish by myself. I like to lift the head of the crayfish and eat the yellow one inside. Then I had fatigue and fever the next day after eating. I didn’t care too much when I ruled out the new coronavirus infection. < / P > < p > hospital examination found that creatine kinase soared to 5613, while the normal value of ordinary people was 176. Learned that there was a disease called rhabdomyolysis, the results directly admitted to the intensive care unit. < / P > < p > the couple filmed this video, hoping to remind others that eating crayfish should not eat shrimp head, and exercise should be done step by step. At the bottom of the video, some netizens left a message saying that their relatives also suffered from organ failure after eating crayfish. < / P > < p > in September, Ms. Zhou and her family had a good meal in a Lobster Restaurant in Hangzhou. Ms. Zhou only ate four crayfish, but it wasn’t long before she went home to lie down. Her husband, who was sleeping on one side, was awakened by Ms. Zhou’s cry. Ms. Zhou was crying out that she had low back pain and leg pain. < / P > < p > “I’ve never had such pain. My back and legs hurt, and my lower body aches too much!” At that time, her family immediately sent her to the emergency department of Zhejiang Provincial People’s hospital. At that time, Ms. Zhou’s creatine kinase index reached more than 1500 U / L, far exceeding the reference range of 135u / L Ms. Zhou’s attending doctor – the provincial people’s hospital emergency department attending doctor Han Nannan told reporters. “When Ms. Zhou arrived, she suffered from low back pain, leg pain, and a sharp rise in creatine kinase, which confirmed that she had rhabdomyolysis.” < / P > < p > the doctor said at that time that the number of patients with rhabdomyolysis caused by crayfish has increased this week, and seven or eight of them were local patients in Hangzhou. < / P > < p > JIANG Chunming, deputy chief physician of Nephrology Department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, explained in an interview in 2012 that rhabdomyolysis is due to rhabdomyolysis, which causes muscle cell necrosis and cell membrane damage, resulting in leakage of muscle enzymes and myoglobin into the blood and excretion with urine, and the urine presents blood color, soy sauce color or tan color. Patients will have muscle soreness, swelling, fatigue, etc., if not treated in time, and even lead to acute renal failure. < / P > < p > Xu Changsheng, chief physician of the emergency department of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, said that the pathogenic factors of rhabdomyolysis are still unknown, and clinical inference may be related to aquatic products, and high temperature cooking does not work. In addition, this disease is also associated with strenuous exercise, accidental injury, drinking and so on. < / P > < p > once you find muscle soreness, fatigue, dark urine color or even oily color, you should be alert to rhabdomyolysis and go to the hospital as soon as possible. According to Doctor Wu Wentao, there is no clear evidence that eating crayfish can lead to rhabdomyolysis. But from the case of the hospital, the patients did not take excessive exercise, did not take related drugs, etc. before the onset of the disease, it was after eating crayfish that the related symptoms appeared. First, crayfish itself has some biological toxins or other exogenous chemicals. Although crayfish, an alien organism, rarely suffers from diseases in the breeding process, it does not mean that it will not be infected and carry virus. Third, food additives. Some restaurants in the process of cooking crayfish in order to increase the flavor and fragrance of the soup, randomly add artificial flavors, these ingredients unknown chemical additives, long-term consumption may also damage the liver and even cancer risk. < / P > < p > when eating crayfish, we should abandon gills and hepatopancreas, which have strong heavy metal accumulation ability, weak heavy metal release ability and lack of edible value, that is, we should not eat the head and retain the abdominal muscle, that is, we should eat “little lobster”, which can improve the food safety. < / P > < p > studies at home and abroad have found that crayfish have a strong enrichment of heavy metals. In the process of living in water, part of the heavy metal pollutants will be transferred to the crayfish shell and be transferred to the body with shelling, while the other part will enter the body through gill or feeding process, and there are different degrees of enrichment in the liver, muscle, gill and other tissues of crayfish. < p > < p > Huang Wei, a national senior Chinese cook, warned in the health times in 2014 that spicy crayfish in some street stalls are quick fried, fried first, and then fried with spices such as pepper and Zanthoxylum. The cooking time is very short, which can not guarantee the complete killing of Paragonimus larvae in crayfish. In an interview with Shenyang evening news in 2015, Zhao Liren, a health expert from the education and training center of the Ministry of human resources and social security of China, said that the protein content of crayfish is very high, while the human body can only absorb 30-50g protein every day, which is about the protein content of 67 normal sized crayfish. < / P > < p > therefore, it is suggested that crayfish lovers should not eat more than seven or eight crayfish at a time, and it is better not to eat more than twice a week. < / P > < p > Wang Zhiqiang, a national special cooking technician, said in an article published in the health times in 2015 that if the tail of lobster is found to be straight, then these lobsters are dead shrimp and should not be eaten. If it’s bent or curled up, it means it’s live shrimp and can be eaten. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE