Today’s Tsinghua opening ceremony hot search! The youngest doctoral student is only 18 years old

The opening ceremony was held online and offline. 32 venues including Wudaokou Institute of Finance and Shenzhen International Graduate School were set up offline and broadcast to the world synchronously in bilingual. < / P > < p > in addition to nearly 500 freshmen representatives in the main venue, more than 4000 freshmen watched the live broadcast in the branch venue. < / P > < p > in addition, the school has also arranged live webcast for part-time freshmen and freshmen affected by the epidemic or unable to come to the venue for other reasons to participate in today’s school opening ceremony through live webcast! < p > < p > data shows that the age span of freshmen is very large, and most of the students are between 20 and 29 years old. The youngest graduate student is 19 years old; the youngest doctoral student is only 18 years old! This student is from Tsinghua University. < p > < p > the overall ratio of male and female of 2020 graduate students is 1.93:1, of which the male female ratio of master students is 1.78:1, and that of doctoral students is 2.26:1. On the whole, the young sister is still very precious, especially the little sister of doctoral students. < p > < p > in terms of the ratio of male to female, the school of Journalism and communication won the first place in the list of male students with the ratio of 1:2.22, and the school of vehicle and transportation ranked first in the list of male students with the ratio of 8.08:1. < / P > < p > the top 10 schools with doctoral students are Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Wuhan University, Tianjin University, Sichuan University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Huazhong University of science and technology, Jilin University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Nankai University. < / P > < p > the top 10 sources of postgraduates are Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harbin Institute of technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, Renmin University of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tianjin University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat sen University and Shandong University. In addition, there are 128 students with “cold” surnames who can’t find students with the same surname among the freshmen. Can you read the following rare surnames? He was attacked by a lot of people < / P > < p > at the opening ceremony of 2020 graduate students this morning, more than 9400 new graduate students were full of beautiful expectations and yearning, and started a new journey of life. In his speech, headmaster Qiu Yong said that the ancients advocated the spiritual pursuit of “establishing the mind for the heaven and earth, making a life for the people, inheriting the unique learning for the saints, and opening peace for the world”. As the youth of the new era, you should always keep the feelings of the people, adhere to the value of fairness and justice, establish the ambition of helping the world, give warmth to life, and Practice for the ideal! < p > < p > < p > in August, Qinghua garden, “Lotus remains green, new autumn water fills the pool”. Today, we hold a special opening ceremony for graduate students through online and offline combination at a special time. Due to the epidemic, some students can not come to the campus to attend the ceremony, but no matter where you are, you have opened a new chapter in your life. On behalf of all the teachers, students and staff, I would like to extend a warm welcome to more than 9000 new graduates of 2020 grade! The year 2020 will be a watershed in human history. The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought great impact to human society. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adheres to the principle of putting the people first and life first. The people of the whole country have overcome difficulties and made concerted efforts. Major strategic achievements have been made in epidemic prevention and control. People from all over the world bravely move forward and share weal and woe, demonstrating the great love of the world. Students, in the face of the disaster, you have withstood the test and established a new direction of life. At the same time, you feel the value of life and the warmth of society, and interpret the youth’s responsibility with practical actions. Huang Yiyang, one of you, recorded the lives of ordinary citizens in Wuhan during the epidemic period and the grassroots anti epidemic actions. In the 175 hour video data, he recorded the tired figure of the ordinary operator who took his hotel as the isolation point and personally took on the tasks of reception, maintenance and cleaning. He also recorded the resolute eyes of volunteers who arrived from Jingzhou to Wuhan to undertake medical services. He also recorded the long-standing smile on the faces of the elderly people who could bask in the sun outside after the “closure” was lifted. These moving fragments dispelled the haze in Huang Yiyang’s heart and gave him “the power of healing”. One of you, Muller from Ethiopia, donated his salary for several months of teaching in the University for epidemic prevention and control. He also actively collects disinfection supplies for those who have difficulties in life and helps the elderly in the neighborhood to buy food. Mueller believes that the global crisis is the most important life lesson in his life, which has made him understand that people are closely related to their destiny, and also helps him to understand the meaning of such a sentence: “I am, because we are. WE are, because I am。” Students, I believe that because of the epidemic, you have a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. No matter what kind of situation, what kind of joys and sorrows, life is worth doing our best to cherish, care and protect. The structure of the word “human” in Chinese is to support each other. It is in the process of sharing weal and woe and helping each other to get out of ignorance and civilization. < / P > < p > students, the epidemic has made many people in trouble more helpless, making their hard life even more difficult to sustain. It is a valuable quality of human nature to sympathize with those who encounter misfortune, and to help those who encounter difficulties embodies one’s responsibility. Mou Ergu, the village secretary of tebulo village in Liangshan, Sichuan Province, visited 189 families in the village during the epidemic. He preached the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and tried to figure out the employment and living conditions of the villagers. He helped five poor villagers find jobs in the local area, and made every effort to contact more than 130 villagers with the opportunity to work outside. Mou Er Gu used his sincere feelings and practical actions to repay the Daliangshan district which raised him. For people struggling under the food and clothing line, getting rid of poverty is the starting point to achieve a better life. General Secretary Xi pointed out: “the pursuit of a better life is an eternal theme and an eternal ongoing time.” From the end of 2012 to the end of 2019, China has reduced poverty by more than 10 million people annually for seven consecutive years. In fact, after 1978, more than 800 million poor people in China have been lifted out of poverty, which is a miracle in the history of human development. As the saying goes, “the people also stop working, and they can be well-off. To benefit China, to Sui everywhere. ” The well-off society, which is peaceful and rich, people-oriented and striving for governance, embodies the Chinese nation’s understanding and pursuit of the meaning of life and the true meaning of life. Today, the dream of a well-off society, which has lasted for thousands of years, will soon become a reality in China. In order to understand the meaning of life, we need to cultivate the feelings of caring for others and thinking about the common people. It is said that “the great virtue of heaven and earth is life”. The most precious thing between heaven and earth is life. Life is priceless, because everyone has only one life. Everyone has to go through the life course of birth, death, sadness, happiness, separation and reunion. In this sense, everyone is equal. Everyone should cherish his own life and treat and respect the life of others. Mencius said, “compassion is the end of benevolence.”. Empathy and the resulting feelings of caring for others and caring for the world are the cornerstone of the formation of human society and the development of civilization. Russell, a famous British scholar, cherished “unbearable sympathy for human suffering” and spent his life calling for world peace. In 1955, at the age of 83, Russell published the paper, which was drafted by him and signed by famous scientists such as Einstein. Russell clearly opposed the cold war and nuclear war and appealed to all mankind to “remember your humanity and forget the rest.”. Crisis and distress often lead people to think more about the meaning of life, and remind people that the death knell tolls for each and every one of us. Those lonely greetings, help in suffering, lights in the cold night, let life be comforted, make the world full of true feelings. In order to build a better society, we need to stick to the value of fairness and justice and care for the weak. There is a saying, “to govern the world, we must first be public, and then the world will be peaceful.” Fairness and justice is the primary value of society, which means that everyone has the right of freedom and equality. However, in reality, there are always some people who are in a relatively disadvantageous position in society and are difficult to realize their own development. This is often not personal fault, but the interaction of multiple social factors. Promoting economic prosperity and creating rich wealth is the goal of social development. Advocating fairness and justice and building a warm world are the fundamental manifestations of civilization and progress. In a better society, we should not see the bleak scene of “poor clothes and simple clothes, worry about cheap charcoal, and wish for cold weather”. Instead, we should pay full attention to and protect the rights and interests of the weak, build “thousands of buildings” and make “all the poor people in the world happy”. In a beautiful society, everyone should be able to share the fruits of development and enjoy the opportunity to make a brilliant life and realize their dreams. In order to achieve the ideal of life, we need to have the ambition of helping the world, and we need to do our best. The ideal of life is the beautiful pursuit of material life and spiritual life, and the beautiful expectation of the realm of life to be achieved. Everyone’s ideal needs to be respected and encouraged, but different ideals reflect different life pursuit and life realm. “If you are determined to be sage, then you will be holy; if you are determined to be virtuous, you will be virtuous.”. For those who are determined to contribute to the society and serve the public, the world must be the first in their mind. Yuan Longping, winner of the first national highest science and Technology Award and pioneer of hybrid rice research, is the first generation of agricultural college students trained in New China. In 1960, 30-year-old Yuan Longping experienced the suffering of food shortage and clothing shortage. He was determined to solve the problem of increasing grain production and prevent people from starving. He is committed to the research, application and promotion of hybrid rice technology. He has been keeping watch on the field for decades, practicing his most beautiful dream of enjoying the cool under the grass and the dream of covering the world with hybrid rice. In order to achieve our ideal, we must not sit down and talk about it, nor can we leave our feet untouched. We must bend down and sink down to experience and grow up in the long-term struggle. The achievement of ideals is not a matter of day and night, nor will it be smooth sailing. We must take small steps every day and keep practicing. “If you are persistent, you will be fragrant for a long time.” < p > < p > students, the ancients advocated the spiritual pursuit of “establishing the mind for the heaven and earth, making a life for the people, inheriting the unique learning for the saints, and opening peace for the world”. As the youth of the new era, you should always keep the feelings of the people, adhere to the value of fairness and justice, establish the ambition of helping the world, give warmth to life, and Practice for the ideal! < p > < p > < p > “Qing” stands for pure and peaceful life character, while “Hua” stands for luxuriant and hopeful life state. Qinghua garden in autumn is full of gorgeous colors of life. I believe that the beautiful Tsinghua garden will be more wonderful because of you, and your youth footprints will be remembered by Tsinghua garden! BEAUTY&SKIN CARE