Too much information, too much choice, too much anxiety Is it too hard to be a parent this time?

In the era of information explosion, educational ideas are rampant on the Internet, and various people have come to their own examples. Parents who are threatened by anxiety are more and more confused: whether their children are born with a school district or not, are they prepared to be trained in the way of examination oriented education or quality education, and can’t go abroad when they grow up All kinds of problems come one after another, and parents are in a dilemma in reality and expectation, and lament one after another: it’s too difficult for this class of parents. In this regard, experts believe that parents should keep a clear mind, from the perspective of being conducive to and suitable for their children’s own growth, so that all kinds of educational ideas in parents’ minds can be simplified and returned to nature, so that each family can form a personalized and diversified training mode. In September this year, Ms. Pan’s son became a primary school student, and she has been planning school choices for her children since two years ago. After considering a public school and a well-known private primary school in Haikou, Hainan Province, Ms. pan finally decided to send her child to a school in a neighboring county, where her family rented a house to study with her. It can be said that the real version of “Meng Mu’s three moves”. Ms. pan explained that the reason for this confusion is the fear of the unpredictable future society, and the fear that the current exam oriented education can not give children the ability to survive and win in the future society. As a media person, Ms. pan has been paying close attention to what kind of talents are needed in the future social development. At present, the Internet, artificial intelligence and other technological progress subvert the traditional industry and job layout. A certain technological progress may replace an industry or a certain type of work overnight. Predictions like this make Ms. pan anxious. < / P > < p > “the current education transformation lags behind the social development transformation to a certain extent. No matter the educational purpose, evaluation method, professional setting and teaching content can not keep up with the rapid technological progress, parents with ideas and strength are trying to find a breakthrough.” Duan Huidong, a professor at Hainan Normal University, said. < / P > < p > some private international schools that hold high the banner of reform or aim to go abroad are sought after by parents. In September this year, the primary school of halolide school in Haikou has a tuition fee of more than 100000 yuan per semester. However, as soon as the degree is launched, nearly 1000 applications have been received, and all grades are full. < / P > < p > “parents with insufficient strength do not want to break through. It is high tuition fees and high transportation costs that keep most people out of the door.” Mr. Xun of Baishamen primary school in Haikou pointed out that the emergence of a large number of high fee private schools has virtually increased the anxiety of parents in educational choice, and made them feel more powerless and anxious because of the more difficult upward flow of children. In fact, no school can guarantee a child’s future. No matter how the world changes, no matter what form of education you receive, what you need most is the ability to solve problems. < p > < p > since the beginning of this year, news about students’ suicide by jumping off a building has been constantly breaking out: a primary school student in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, jumped from a building because of negative energy in his composition, a junior high school student in Shenzhen who was found cheating in the final exam, and a sophomore in Shanxi Zhongbei University who was found cheating in the make-up examination Parents are shocked out of a cold sweat: how can children today resist setbacks so weak? Will my children have such problems? Children’s little psychological problems will make parents become frightened. Recently, Ms. Zhao, a resident of Haikou, was reminded by her neighbor with a doctor of psychology to pay more attention to Dabao’s mental health. “I have heard children ask their peers if they have ever thought of suicide,” said the neighbor. “It is likely that the child is dissatisfied with the status quo and is trying to revenge the parents in an extreme way.” < p > < p > suddenly received this reminder, Ms. Zhao was in a difficult mood: although before deciding to give birth to ER Bao, she had carefully considered the impact of Er Bao’s arrival on Dabao, and had always adopted a parenting strategy that paid more attention to Dabao. She did not expect that Dabao had such an extreme idea. Ms Zhao said she was “very tired and at a loss.”. Liang Dongxi, director of the Education Bureau of Meilan District, Haikou City, told banyuetan that influenced by learning pressure, social tension, family environment, and even over caring parenting style, the number of young people suffering from psychological diseases is more and more serious than that of ordinary diseases, but at the same time, it is ignored by the society. At present, although schools at all levels have begun to attach importance to and equipped with a certain number of psychological teachers, but the number is still seriously insufficient, teachers of various subjects do not master the basic psychological teaching methods. < / P > < p > “this year, primary and secondary school students account for a large proportion of the patients who come for consultation. Of the 10 children, 2 to 3 have self mutilation behavior. It is very painful to see the children with a hole in their wrist.” Kang Yanhai, deputy chief physician of psychological consultation department of Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, said. Yuan Weixing, principal of the first experimental school of Xin’an middle school, appealed in his circle of friends: “don’t rush to have a second child. First learn child psychology. Make up for the lesson of family education. Don’t drive without a license.” < / P > < p > “knowledge education is expanding, life education is very dry, and even anti life education, which will inevitably make children lose their foundation and easily go to extremes when they encounter a little setback.” Sun Yunxiao, executive vice president of the family education professional committee of China Education Association, believes that this may be an important reason for the frequent occurrence of children’s psychological problems. He said that life education is the basic education of the family. Our children should first learn to live and love life, be able to cook and do hygiene, and know how to establish a good relationship with their families. This is the best defensive force to resist all the adverse temptations and psychological erosion. When people with rich life education encounter setbacks, they will have many other options besides extreme options. “To enhance children’s ability to resist setbacks, families should do a good job in life education, and let family education return to a better life.” Sun Yunxiao said that this is also the education that parents are most good at, the most convenient and the most beneficial for their children. < / P > < p > “parents should work harder than their children if they want their children to learn well.” “as long as the method is right, Xiong wa can become Niu WA” Articles with similar views are popular on the Internet and are highly praised by many parents. Recently, an article entitled “has aroused heated discussion on the Internet.”. The author wrote that during his three years in high school, the whole family worked as a team, especially his wife participated in the whole process of tutoring the children’s study, helping his son improve his grades, and finally the child was successfully admitted to Wuhan University. Later, the author emphasized in several public articles that he didn’t think there was a problem with the educational concept of “help the horse and send a journey”. Instead, he thought that the current parents’ strong anxiety mainly came from positioning themselves as a companion rather than a participant. The author’s family never really worried because they participated in it. < / P > < p > the author’s wife’s super dedication has aroused heated discussion among parents. Some of them admire and even more question: “mom is too strong, and her desire to control is too strong.” this kind of parents will get up their grades as soon as they are tight. If parents mistake their eyes, their grades will come down. It’s really hard to say that “it’s a pity that mom has so many golden years” < / P > < p > the reporter found that in the battle field of the high school entrance examination, compared with some parents who can participate deeply, there are indeed many parents who feel anxious because their children refuse to help. This is the case with Ms. Hu in Haikou. Her son is a senior three, and her grades have declined a lot after the epidemic. < / P > < p > “I often wake up at night.” Ms. Hu said that she hopes to help children overcome inertia, formulate learning plans, and work hard at the critical juncture of senior three. However, the child refused her participation, and Ms. Hu, who was forced to accompany the war, felt at a loss. < / P > < p > “education is to awaken the sleeping giant, which can give children real power. Parents and their children together to participate in the competition, it is better to give their children the power to grasp their own Sun Yunxiao believes that the most important principle of family education is understanding and respect after children enter adolescence. For high school children, parents should encourage their children to find themselves and find their own interests and goals. In this way, their internal “engine” will rotate strongly, so that their children can grow up, become independent and strong. 08/16/2020