Traditional Chinese medicine reminds: when taking a bath, do 3 wrong things, or will aggravate the body moisture, to resist

With the change of temperature, taking a bath has become a kind of enjoyment, and many people will sprinkle some perfume and so on when taking a bath. It is a very enjoyable state to take a bath at home after a day’s tiredness. However, with the cooling of the weather, the body will be more vulnerable to the invasion of cold. At this time, if taking a bath does these three things wrong, it will also lead to physical injury In the aggravation of dampness, traditional Chinese medicine reminds, must hold back.

first of all, the water temperature used is too low. Cold bath is very popular. However, as the weather gradually turns cold, the use of too low water temperature will lead to evil Qi entering the body. If it takes a long time, it will lead to the aggravation of moisture. Moisture is due to some external evil entering the body, and the use of cold bath at ordinary times will affect the blood circulation in the body Some of them will catch cold, and some of them will have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

so when you take a bath, you should choose the appropriate water temperature. In summer, you usually choose the water temperature of about 30 degrees centigrade. In winter, you can adjust the temperature appropriately if you find yourself a little cold when you take a bath.

the second is not to dry the body after taking a bath, which is a common phenomenon for many people. After taking a bath, it doesn’t matter if you wipe it casually. When the temperature is high, it doesn’t have much effect. But now it’s going to winter, and the temperature is also falling. It’s very easy to aggravate the humidity. After taking a bath, you can obviously see the pores in the body open If there is water in the body, it will enter into the body. In addition, just after taking a bath, the blood circulation in the body will accelerate, and the cold in the water will swim around, which will lead to the aggravation of moisture.

after taking a bath, be sure to wipe away the moisture in your body. If you can’t wipe some parts of your back, you should also let the moisture evaporate in a high temperature environment before carrying out other activities.

the last thing is to rub the skin hard. When you take a bath, you always feel that there is a lot of “mud” on your body. This is due to the metabolism of the body and some dirt on the skin. Many people will feel that it is not beautiful and will rub it hard. However, when you rub it, the body is very vulnerable to bacterial infection. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the resistance of the damaged skin will be weakened Will be greatly reduced, resulting in moisture, so in the bath, you can wipe the skin dirt, but do not force.

keep warm in time after taking a bath. The most common way to catch a cold is to avoid these three bad habits and take good care of your body. If you have symptoms of cold and cough, try not to take a bath, otherwise the cold will aggravate the symptoms. Especially in this season, often accompanied by rain, a careless body will catch cold, women in the menstrual period should try to avoid bathing, because the menstrual period when the blood circulation is not smooth, when the pores open, it is more prone to disease. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE