Tribute to Impressionist masterpiece Fresh Fu Lei Shi, the introduction of black tea yeast extract essence Limited Edition

Fresh fresh, a high-end skin care brand of LVMH, adheres to its brand tenet of integrating traditional beauty wisdom and modern skin care technology from all over the world, and cooperates with Metropolitan Museum of art, one of the three major museums in the world, to launch limited edition star products. The opening ceremony of the two sides’ cooperation is inspired by Van Gogh, the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art Museum. The Fresh black tea yeast extract is released in a grand limited edition.

fresh is committed to bringing together natural ingredients from all over the world, integrating beauty wisdom of all ages, and integrating efficacy, nature and sensory enjoyment into every can of products. The Metropolitan Museum of art has the spirit of embracing all rivers and rivers, and integrates the art civilization of human beings all over the world. It is this same spirit of integration and the resulting “beauty” of integration that enables both sides to work together to pass beauty and mindfulness to more young people.

this painting in the Metropolitan Museum of art is one of Van Gogh’s favorite works. The cypress trees in the painting erupt like flames in the summer wind, the wheat fields dance in the golden sun, and the blue sky and white clouds seem to be turbulent and rolling. There is no straight line in the whole painting. The artist uses short and rapid strokes to show the vitality of the wheat field and cypress under the blue sky.

the blue sky is a common element in Van Gogh’s landscape paintings. His blue sky is different from the mottled and blurred paintings of other Impressionists. Instead, he uses clear colors and twisting strokes to show his boundless love and expectation for life, which is the brand spirit advocated by fresh Frey. Ms. Alina, co-founder of fresh Fleisch brand, once said, “when we decided on the color of the paint on the door of our first store, we seriously considered what the word” fresh “meant. When you see the blue sky, you will think of hope, youth, purity, originality, innovation and inclusiveness. This is the meaning of “fresh”, a blue sky and white cloud full of hope and dream. ” Fresh Fu Lei Shi has made two works of Van Gogh through his cooperation with Metropolitan Museum of Art, and he has carved the tribute of the master and the beautiful days and seals of the blue sky on the bottle of Fresh black tea yeast extract.

modern urbanites face outdoor pollution, indoor pollution and electronic light pollution every day. Fresh Fu Lei Shi black tea yeast extract essence liquid is limited to the blue sky new interpretation, from inside to outside will bring hope and beauty to you. Indoor and outdoor air pollutants can also cause skin aging, dryness and dullness. Combined with the electronic light emitted from mobile phones, tablet computers, TVs and computer screens, our skin is constantly exposed to invasion. How to effectively inhibit the damage of pollutants to the skin has become a compulsory course for every urban person.

Fresh black tea black tea yeast extract, named “Fu Lei Shi black tea yeast extract”, is rich in antioxidant activity. It is fermented by black tea through SCOBY symbiotic culture. The mycelial symbiotic culture ferments black tea into a powerful black tea yeast extract. Black tea yeast extract can effectively inhibit the activity of pollutants and neutralize free radicals, so as to achieve the triple effect of anti pollution, pull up three defense lines for the skin, and resist outdoor, indoor and electronic light pollution.

has a powerful anti pollution star ingredient, Fresh Fu Lei Shi black tea yeast extract essence * can be 24 hours and three times to resist pollution, but also can shrink pores, fade visible fine lines, make skin moisturizing, moisturizing, more plump, elastic, smooth and shiny. Essence as the first step of skin care, can prepare for the skin’s absorption of subsequent skin care products, can enhance the absorption of subsequent skin care products, and is a key step in skin care process. When using, gently massage the hands with your palms and massage the face and neck to smear Fresh Fu Lei Shi black tea yeast extract essence * until it is completely absorbed. This cream is suitable for various skin types. It can be used after cleansing every morning and evening. It can also be used before facial mask and face cream.

gives Fresh skin’s pure energy Fresh Fu Lei Shi black tea yeast extract essence * Limited Edition of the metropolitan limited. It’s a masterpiece of Impressionist masterpiece, so that the skin can see the blue sky of the blue sky, and help the skin to shine in 8 dimensions.

black tea yeast extract: it can resist and reduce the external pollutants and resist the damage of free radicals to the skin; it also helps to smooth the skin, remove the dullness, and make the skin full of luster.