Two departments: improving the cooperation mechanism between museums and primary and secondary schools

A few days ago, the Ministry of education and the State Administration of cultural relics jointly printed and issued the guidelines for primary and secondary schools to use museum resources for education and teaching, further improve the cooperation mechanism between museums and primary and secondary schools, promote the integration of museum resources into the education system, and improve the learning effect of primary and secondary school students using museum resources.

to promote the development and application of museum educational resources. It is emphasized that the contents of museum education should be carefully designed and exhibition education activities with wide participation and strong practicality should be organized regularly. In order to develop Museum series activity courses, we should combine the cognitive law of primary and secondary school students and the needs of school education and teaching, fully tap museum resources, and research and develop series of activity courses such as nature, history, science and technology. It also focuses on expanding the ways of museum education. It is required to innovate museum learning methods, to promote students’ learning as the center, and to enhance the interest, interaction and experience of museum learning. We should improve the quality of museum research and learning activities, make full use of all kinds of museum resources, and organize practical education activities on the themes of patriotism and revolutionary tradition. The museum youth education should be included in the after-school service content, and primary schools should be encouraged to open a series of Museum courses after class, and the museum resources should be used to carry out special education activities. 08/17/2020