Two departments: it is strictly forbidden to misappropriate and retain funds for compulsory education

Reporter Zeng Jinhua reported: the general office of the Ministry of Finance and the general office of the Ministry of Education jointly issued a notice today to further strengthen the management of public funds in compulsory education schools from the aspects of effectively implementing the responsibility of fund sharing and management, and effectively standardizing the allocation and management of public funds. < / P > < p > it is reported that since the establishment of a unified urban-rural compulsory education funding guarantee mechanism in 2016, on the whole, normal school education and teaching activities have been effectively guaranteed. However, due to insufficient attention, financial difficulties and weak school management foundation, some problems have been exposed in the budget arrangement, fund allocation, use and management of public funds in compulsory education schools in recent years. The two departments stressed that in order to ensure the normal development of education and teaching activities in compulsory education schools, the public funds shared by all levels of finance according to regulations must be in place in time and in full. All localities should raise their awareness and take more effective supervision and restraint measures to ensure the implementation of the responsibility of sharing public funds by finance at all levels below the provincial level. The provincial finance and education departments should supervise and guide the municipal and county finance and education departments to optimize and improve the local school financial management system in accordance with the requirements of budget management, treasury centralized payment, government procurement and other related financial reform requirements, timely and fully allocate public funds for compulsory education schools according to the regulations, and strictly prohibit the delayed allocation of funds, misappropriation and retention , deduction of funds. Focus