Two hair a piece of loose sanitary napkin “fire” manufacturer: not authorized to shop

On August 28, a hot search was launched about the sale of sanitary napkins in bulk. According to the news, a shop sells sanitary napkins in bulk, which costs 21.99 yuan and can buy 100 pieces of sanitary napkins, and one piece of sanitary napkins is about 20 cents. < p > < p > the Red Star News reporter inquired and learned that this Taobao shop selling sanitary napkins in bulk was called “hanclassmate sanitary napkin wholesale life hall”, which opened in June 2014. 15 sanitary napkins and other related products are sold in the store, of which the monthly sales volume of 100 sanitary napkins reaches 392, with a total of 39200 pieces. In the evaluation of the product, some of the customers who have bought it said that “they have always bought this one, and the quality is very good, which is no different from those with brands”. Others said that “it is too thin and suitable for people with small quantity”. Do you dare to buy such cheap sanitary napkins? The news quickly triggered a heated discussion among netizens. Faced with the question of “three no products”, at about 12:00 on August 28, the shopkeeper replied on the customer’s question page, “we have our own brand, factory disinfection certificate, factory production license and test report.”. Reporter asked the shop “Xiao Er” related doubts, also received the same response. < / P > < p >} according to the “hygiene license” attached in the commodity details, the manufacturer of the shop is Quanzhou Xianghe sanitary products Co., Ltd. Screenshot from Taobao < / P > < p >} the “hygiene license” of the store previously hung in the commodity details shows that its manufacturer is Quanzhou Xianghe sanitary products Co., Ltd. Screenshot from Taobao < / P > < p > Red Star News reporters saw in the details of the goods that the “hygiene license” of the store showed that the company, named Quanzhou Xianghe sanitary products Co., Ltd., mainly produces sanitary napkins, health care, diapers and other hygiene products. Red Star News reporter inquired Tianyan and found that Quanzhou Xianghe sanitary products Co., Ltd. was established on August 4, 2004. Its main business scope is to manufacture and sell sanitary products, sanitary materials and non-medical daily protective masks. < / P > < p > according to its wechat account, the company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of sanitary napkins, pant type sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, infant diapers, diapers and other sanitary products, and a large-scale sanitary products manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company has 14 years of manufacturing experience, built a new fully enclosed factory, servo control, dust-free production, plus a sound scientific production management system. The company’s old plant area of 20000 square meters, there are more than ten digital modern production lines square meters. At present, the company mainly has dozens of brand baby diapers, diapers into the market. < p > < p > Red Star News: have you granted the production license to this store? Person in charge of Quanzhou Xianghe sanitary products Co., Ltd.: No, we don’t know why our company’s certificates are placed in this shop. Now the company is contacting this shop and asking them where they got our certificates. < / P > < p > person in charge: No, this product is not made by us. We have never made the pink envelope on the picture. In addition, we have never sold this kind of sanitary napkin in bulk. All the products produced from our factory are regular packaged products. Person in charge: there is a big difference. According to the requirements of the industrial and commercial bureau, the name of the factory and the number of the hygiene license should be reflected in the package. Even if your package has no pattern and is transparent, these must be included. Otherwise, the industry and commerce can directly determine that there are no products. We can’t find anything in bulk, and packing is also the protection of customers’ rights and interests. Therefore, regular companies will not take the risk to produce sanitary napkins in bulk to sell. Person in charge: No, the company’s internal staff can only say that there are some OEM or foreign trade remaining tail orders, at most dozens or hundreds, which workers need to use at home, and we will sell some to them, but it is impossible to sell them online like this, because the volume can not reach such a large amount. < / P > < p > person in charge: if the labor cost is not included, the cost of fabric is less than one yuan. If it is not a regular company, remove many links and its cost will be reduced. Generally speaking, sanitary napkins are worth every cent, because the raw materials used for good products are much better, and the requirements for poor ones are very low. For example, for some foreign trade orders, the materials required by the other party are very poor, and even the macromolecules that need to absorb blood plasma in sanitary napkins can be asked not to add. Person in charge: if the materials are used poorly, it can be achieved. However, the sanitary napkin with “two hairs and one piece” is mainly for its production links and all aspects of protection, which is risky for consumers. For example, we have invested a lot in the production environment, health and safety, factory requirements and other aspects, so the cost in this respect must be higher than that of “small workshops”, so the price will be higher. < / P > < p > at 6:00 p.m. on August 28, the reporter found that the “hygiene license” had been replaced by the trademark registration certificate of “Hanyu” and the product inspection report. The inspection results show that the items of the “hanclassmate girls series sanitary napkins” for quality inspection meet the relevant standards, and the inspection date is November 2, 2019. The reporter inquired Tianyan and found that Quanzhou Chuangli sanitary products Co., Ltd. mainly deals in sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, maternity wipes, baby wipes, etc. However, the company’s registered trademark does not contain “students”. On the evening of 28th, manager Guo, the person in charge of the company, told Red Star news that Chuangli and Xianghe are brother companies. At present, the company is investigating the matter. “The sanitary napkins sold in that shop are not purchased from Chuangli. We ship them in complete packaging. Moreover, our company has not registered the trademark of “Han classmate.” As to why this inspection report was entrusted by Chuangli for inspection, the other party said that Chuangli would send products produced by many companies for inspection every quarter, and they were also investigating whether there was a mistake in a certain link. 08/17/2020