U.N. special envoy on human rights: environmental protection in many American countries is retrogressive

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and protect the environment have been able to better protect people’s health.

experts stressed in the statement that the current epidemic has revealed the fragile environmental protection situation in many countries in the Americas. The epidemic has exacerbated the existing inequality. What’s more, it is not a coincidence that the areas where the discriminated groups live have historically been areas with high levels of environmental pollution and high mortality in this epidemic.

experts pointed out novel coronavirus pneumonia before the outbreak of the disease, the environment and human rights situation in the Americas has attracted people’s attention. People do not see the government in response to the epidemic of environmental protection measures, on the contrary, see a regression. Experts believe that such adverse policy decisions may lead to accelerated deterioration of the environment and have a negative impact on a wide range of human rights, including the rights to life, health, water, culture and food, as well as the right to life of healthy people.