“Ugly and beautiful” looks, mostly with these three characteristics, is really enviable and sympathetic

But have you ever thought that someone can be beautiful and ugly. Guan Xiaotong, for example, has regular facial features and elegant form. She is clearly a little beauty, but in her beauty, she always gives people a bad feeling. < / P > < p > double eyelids make people more delicate and beautiful, but with “ugly” and “old-fashioned” black circles, it will bring a beautiful and ugly appearance. Ju Jingyi, for example, has a super beautiful appearance with dark circles around her eyes. It’s hard to tell whether she is beautiful or ugly. The same is true of Zhao Liying. Although the big eyes look very cute, beautiful, but coupled with the dark skin around the eyes, it seems more listless. In the beautiful appearance, added a trace of “not good-looking” meaning. < / P > < p > the delicacy of facial features can make people feel the beauty of this person, but if a long mouth laughs and the teeth are uneven, then there is a trace of “Ugliness” in the beauty. For example, Tang Yixin has such exquisite facial features, but the uneven teeth make her look really beautiful and not so good-looking. < / P > < p > and Lin Xinru, her facial features have always been very upright and delicate, so she is very beautiful when she doesn’t smile. But after a smile, it is not very beautiful. < / P > < p > it is said that with fair skin, the appearance must be very high, and the whole person will be very beautiful. But if the white skin with acne and acne, but people in the good-looking in more “ugly” feeling. Ni Ni is a good example < / P > < p > as well as the same thing with Reba. She has several acne and acne on her white skin, which makes her look beautiful but not very good-looking! < / P > < p > but if you want to have white and clean skin, there is a secret! That is to use this VHA Verbenone mamil lotion, which can effectively improve the face’s closing, acne and oily state ~ < / P > < p > this VHA Verbenone mamil pure dew has two ways to use, which can be wet compress or direct spray, both of which can give the skin a soothing effect, make the skin remodeling ability, and accelerate its “renewal”, Make the barrier get better protection, after a period of time, the skin will be better and better. < / P > < p > in summer, it is essential to choose a moisturizing product with moisturizing effect and improving acne and acne. This VHA Verbenone Mami puree has such an effect. After using it, you can find that the skin will present a watery appearance, and the defects on your face will be reduced a lot.

added a lot of essence, the main ingredient is Verbenone, this is a good oil control material, can play the effect of decomposition of oil, then everyone in this summer greasy season, you can use this product every day, will make the skin better and better! < / P > < p > at the same time, Verbenone also has the effect of cleaning pores and improving the stability of skin, which can help people’s skin recover to a stable state. At the same time, the dust and grease in the pores will be cleaned one by one! The skin will naturally be clean and transparent. < / P > < p > because of its strong fluidity and light texture, VHA Verbenone Mami hydrosol can be well absorbed by the muscle bottom and has the best maintenance effect. Improve skin barrier integrity, make skin more healthy. < / P > < p > it is mild and non irritating, and can be safely used by almost all skin type sisters. In addition, during the use of this VHA Verbenone mamil lotion, it can be found that the frequency and measurement of skin oil are greatly reduced, which is also its role in regulating the balance of water and oil. < / P > < p > you can take a look at the steps given by the brand! VHA Verbena ketone Mami lotion is equivalent to the water supplement products in the maintenance products, so it is the first to use! But if you want to use it as a “Mask” product, you can first use hot towels to put on the face, playing a pore opening effect. < p > < p > from this point of view, VHA Verbenone horse fan pure dew is a must-have in summer. If you choose it, you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of taking off makeup when you go out. < / P > < p > adjust the balance of water and oil, improve the barrier, and adjust the health value of skin. So many effects are found in VHA Verbenone Mami lotion! So please click on the link below to purchase= https://luanban.com/21-days-after-delivery-the-pregnant-woman-had-a-new-baby-but-the-doctor-did-not-find-it-was-twins/ target=_ blank>21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”