“Ugly crying mother” baby, a few months later perfect counter attack, with just born as two children

They all have a say in this. One Baoma came up with her own story and revealed the “ugly picture” of her baby when she was just born. After watching it, everyone was convinced that

in fact, the baby’s face was very wrinkled, especially his forehead. He looked like a little old man. In addition, the child’s nose or a typical “nose”, even the eyes are swollen, no matter how to look and cute two words are not involved. The Baoma also said that she was very disappointed when she was just born and didn’t want to kiss her children!

but to her mother’s surprise, the child soon won her favor. After a few months, she made a perfect counterattack, just like when she was born! This treasure mother sun out the child’s current photos for comparison, only to see that the baby’s facial features have opened a lot, her skin has become very full, her face is very white, her nose is gone, her eyes are open, her double eyelids are big, and her eyes are enviable! It seems that this gene is well inherited, but there was a small error at birth due to various reasons.

the reason why a newborn is ugly at birth is actually caused by various reasons. For example, a child’s long-term exposure to amniotic fluid can cause skin wrinkles, birth canal compression during natural labor can cause head or facial features deformation, and jaundice can cause skin yellowing, etc. These problems will be improved with the addition of nutrition and family care after birth, and the baby will return to its original appearance. However, if mothers want to improve their children’s appearance, they should also make some efforts on the basis of the original. The following methods can be tried.

children’s growth and development can not be separated from the addition of nutrition, especially in infancy, we must pay attention to the absorption of calcium and protein, in order to help the brain and bone development. If long-term malnutrition, children will inevitably appear short stature, yellow complexion, so that the child’s appearance and figure will have a negative impact.

if you don’t pay attention to some casual habits in your life at that time, it may bring a devastating blow to your face after your children form the habit. For example, chewing food on one side can lead to different face sizes. Long term use of mouth breathing can lead to buckteeth, affect the face shape. Often stooping, will affect the child’s body and temperament, if you find these bad habits must be corrected.

no matter at any stage, proper exercise is good for the body. Parents can urge their children to take time to exercise after study. For example, playing badminton, basketball or jogging is very helpful for children’s height. In addition, proper exercise can also make the child’s body shape become symmetrical and more standard.

there is a certain relationship between a child’s appearance and heredity, but the influence of nurture is also very important. Naturally beautiful is enviable, but after the training to form a good temperament and posture, which for children is undoubtedly more valuable wealth. In today’s face society, if children can do both inside and outside, there will be better development in the future! You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao