Uncle tried, exercise and diet two weight loss methods, the effect of comparison is very different

I believe that more than 80% of the population will choose the latter, because they think that obesity is caused by excessive intake of calories, so if you want to be thinner, you can only reduce the increase in calories and weight. < / P > < p > although dieting can help you lose weight quickly, you should have heard that once you stop dieting and return to your previous eating habits, you will gain weight, or even exceed your previous weight, making you more obese. Is this true? Let’s take a look at this real experiment. A foreign uncle tried two different ways to lose weight: exercise and diet, and the results were surprising. < / P > < p > this uncle was also a fitness expert before, and he had a perfect muscle line before he stopped exercising. Later, due to the heavy burden of work and life, he gave up fitness, and his requirements and self-discipline began to relax. Over time, the body’s muscle lines are slowly replaced by fat, and even have a belly. < / P > < p > later, I was injured at work. Because of this injury, I began to realize the importance of health, so I took advantage of my time at home to lose weight, diet and exercise respectively to see which effect was the best. < p > < p > because he couldn’t do strenuous exercise in the early stage, he started from a diet. He made a low calorie diet plan for himself, and the calorie intake was far lower than the previous intake. For example, he chose two eggs plus a fruit for breakfast, chicken breast or fish for lunch, and vegetable salad or fruit for dinner. < / P > < p > during these seven days, he often felt hungry because he ate less calories, but he still persisted. After seven days on the scale a look, the weight was 91.9 kg, before the weight was 96.9 kg, that is to say, 5 kg was lost. Such a number really surprised him. He didn’t expect to lose so much weight in seven days. < / P > < p > at the same time, he also prepared himself for the consequences of weight gain after returning to a normal diet. Seven days later, he measured another weight again, and this time it showed a weight of 93.5 kg, which means a rebound of 2.5 kg. < / P > < p > although it has been half a month, but the body injury is still not completely good, so this exercise to lose weight, choose a lower intensity exercise – fast walk. But this exercise time limit is half a month, carries on the fast walk one hour every day, the diet aspect still maintains the normal level. < / P > < p > after half a month’s fast walking, the final weight was reduced to 92.6 kg, that is to say, he lost 0.9 kg of weight. Such a small contrast really disappointed him and his efficiency was too poor. No wonder so many people will choose to diet, because its weight loss effect is < / P > < p > from the data, no wonder so many people will choose diet, because its effect is much better than the effect of exercise. But you may not know that most of the weight lost on a diet is muscle and water, and only a small amount of fat. For a long time, this will only lead to the decline of basic metabolism, slow down the efficiency of fat burning, thus forming a vicious circle, and the fat will be more difficult to lose, and even endanger their own health. The main reason for the slow fat reduction efficiency of exercise is that the heat is not controlled and the exercise intensity is low. With their own adaptation, we should constantly adjust the intensity of exercise, that is to change the exercise or increase the difficulty, so as to stimulate the body to decompose fat. At the same time, we should choose a healthy diet and control the calories in a reasonable range, so as to achieve the mode of high fat burning. Pets