Under what circumstances do pregnant women usually not consider natural labor? Here comes the truth

Is the child resistance of caesarean section really not as high as that of natural birth? The answer is yes. Since natural birth has so many good benefits for the baby, why do so many pregnant women choose cesarean section?

I often get advice from expectant mothers. I’ve been 36 weeks, so I’m puzzled about whether to choose natural delivery or caesarean section? Because it’s too painful to hear people say natural birth, I’m really afraid that I can’t get through it and endanger the baby’s health! New mother has no experience, always want to give the best to the child. Caesarean section child immunity is not high, natural birth and fear of pain, how to choose?

tell me about my experience of giving birth to a baby. I gave birth to my eldest son 10 years ago. At that time, the cesarean section rate here was very high. Although I studied medicine, I didn’t know anyone in the hospital. I was very sensitive to the knife edge. I shivered at the thought of using the knife. In order to meet my requirements, I decided to go to a familiar obstetric clinic

I started to give birth slowly. I waited there for two days since my contractions became red. All the young girls who came later than me gave birth for half a day. My cervix was open to two fingers. The doctor asked me to move, but my back was as sour as broken. So I started to open the cervix around 7 p.m., which made me feel very sad Jue really passed the gate of hell. I don’t know how to describe the pain. My waist was broken, I felt numb, my head was swollen, and my voice was hoarse and speechless. The cry and the doctor’s urging were integrated, and I couldn’t tell it was my own cry.

somehow, my whole body began to shake, and I couldn’t even control myself. After I tried again and again, I gave up, and I had exhausted all my energy

the doctor said: “I think if you know how to use your strength, you won’t be willing to quarrel with me. If you think about it, the child will meet soon after ten months. At this time, no one can guarantee the child’s safety by giving up. Now the child has exposed his head and it’s too late to prepare for surgery. It’s fast It’s half an hour. It’s useless for you to regret if you don’t force the child to get stuck. “I’m sure the last sentence of the doctor irritated me. I’ll just give it up. I’ll try my best in this way. In this way, my ugly baby was born.

although I suffered in the early stage of labor, the baby was much easier to be born. My stomach was empty like a vented ball

generally speaking, a child’s fetal position is set at about 28 weeks, so usually the pregnant mother should exercise properly and determine the fetal position during the prenatal examination. With the growing body of the fetus and limited maternal activity, the baby will stay in a comfortable position for a long time. Head position is the most ideal fetal position Even if the baby wants to move after 35 weeks, she is used to keeping this position. If the baby is not in the head position, but in the hip circumference, the shoulder position can try to correct the fetal position. If it can’t be corrected, there’s no need to take the risk to give birth naturally.

the pregnant mother knows that the baby is always very nervous and worried after the navel is around the neck. In fact, the pregnant mother can completely relax But the mother who is eager for natural labor should make a decision after the doctor’s evaluation. The length of natural labor is not easy to control. When choosing the mode of delivery, the pregnant mother should not stick to what I want, but according to the doctor’s advice, what I need and what is the best decision for the mother and the baby.

although the first cesarean section can be tried for the second child Cesarean section is recommended for those who are pregnant again for less than two years. Because the time of cesarean section is too short, scar recovery is not ideal, and the enhanced uterine contraction is a challenge to the abdominal wall.

I once met a patient who had cesarean section for the first two babies. This baby was a daughter, and her mother-in-law stopped the doctor The mother-in-law said that this is already a triplet, and then she can’t give birth to a grandson. Because it’s a multipara, the maternal emergency delivery has not yet had time to transfer to the hospital has been launched, there is no way to enter the general emergency state, the superior hospital ambulance stopped at the door, so the child was born without danger Such as maternal heart disease, heart function 2 or more. Maternal general condition is poor with other diseases and so on..

as the first scene will have a cesarean delivery mother to spray, the caesarean section of the baby does not have a good baby’s immunity, so our baby caesarean section is also rarely sick, and the body is excellent. Congratulations, you are a particularly competent parent, although the baby has not passed the birth canal. Get the probiotics that mother should enter the baby’s intestinal tract, but you enhance the baby’s immunity in the postnatal rearing, which makes up for their deficiency.

raising children is a process of constant trial and exploration, but the level of immunity is more important. Therefore, mothers should continue to learn to enhance their parenting knowledge, and raise healthy and intelligent babies.

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