Underwear two “code”, the uterus may be full of “garbage”, if one does not occupy, it is worth celebrating

Zhou Qian, 25, is very young, but she has rich experience in relationships with men and women, but she lacks knowledge about women’s health. There was no protection in the event of intimacy. < / P > < p > so recently, she was very upset by something. She felt her lower body itching. When she took a bath and cleaned her private parts at night, she also touched many bumpy little pimples. This scared Zhou Qian a lot. She asked for leave the next day and went to the local hospital for relevant examination. After the examination, he was told by the doctor that he was infected with HPV. The uneven small pimples in the lower body is a specific symptom of HPV infection, and the cervix has been damaged in different degrees. Moreover, the doctor also said: if HPV is not removed in time, long-term infection will lead to the malignant lesions in the cervical part. < / P > < p > in addition, the doctor also told Zhou Qian that when the uterus has problems, it will send some “distress signals” to the body. If you find and receive the “signals”, you can take measures in time, which is more conducive to the recovery of the cervix. < / P > < p > under normal circumstances, women will have more leucorrhea under the influence of hormone before and after menstruation, but it is colorless and tasteless. When cervical infection with HPV, there will be inflammatory leucorrhea, secretion of more leucorrhea, such as washing rice water, and accompanied by a fishy smell, serious may have purulent leucorrhea, adhere to underwear. For the change of secretions on underpants, women should pay attention in time, do not ignore the deterioration of the condition. < / P > < p > the changes in underpants mentioned here are actually changes in private parts. When human body is infected with HPV, the most obvious change is the occurrence of acute eczema. When the lower body appears uneven small pimples, at first small pimples are very small, but with the growth of time, the disease is also gradually aggravated, small pimples will gradually increase, the number is gradually increased, and will show different shapes, such as: Chicken coronal, cauliflower shaped, papillary, large are accompanied by itching symptoms. If this happens, we must seek medical advice in time. HPV infection is the main culprit of cervical damage. However, there is no specific drug for HPV infection, so we can only rely on our own immunity to phagocytize and remove HPV virus. But the vast majority of people infected with HPV have low immunity, in this case, you can often supplement immune nutrients to promote immune enhancement, such as green bottle civie. It is rich in carotene and trace element selenium and other nutrients. These nutrients can stimulate the growth and reproduction of immune cells, enhance the immune phagocytosis ability of human body, and enhance the resistance of human body to pathogens and other pathogens. It can also accelerate the clearance of body bacteria and HPV. Promote rapid change of Yin. < / P > < p > in the occurrence of intimate behavior, the correct safety measures should be taken, which can effectively resist the cross infection of pathogens in intimate contact. < / P > < p > women over 22 years old who have intimate behaviors can be screened regularly, including HPV and cervical examination. Regular examination can prevent HPV infection, inflammation and other problems without knowing it. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here