Unexpected pregnancy want abortion? Women should know that there are five situations in which abortion is not allowed

After the opening of the second child, many families have put the second child on the agenda. But there are also many families have two children, or some people are not ready to be parents, it is true that accidental pregnancy.

although painless abortion is very common now, it is not all right to have this operation. That is to say, abortion is not always available. For example, some special cases can not be operated on. As a woman, it is necessary to understand.

if you find that you are pregnant and want to have an abortion, if you have gynecological diseases, you are not recommended to have abortion immediately. For example, examination out of vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical disease and so on, should first treat gynecological diseases.

at this time, if you choose to have abortion immediately, you will increase the risk of reproductive tract infection. Because in the abortion, need to use the expansion rod, vaginal device, and negative pressure suction tube inserted into the reproductive tract, which will aggravate the spread of inflammation. For women, it is not conducive to postoperative rehabilitation.

if it is found that the patient is in the period of acute infectious disease, artificial abortion is not allowed in this case, or it is also not allowed during the acute onset of chronic infectious diseases.

or when a woman is suffering from serious systemic diseases, such as heart failure, tuberculosis, and severe anemia, abortion surgery is not allowed.

if you have severe pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, because severe vomiting will lead to a series of acidosis symptoms, you can’t do abortion operation in time. The operation can be carried out only after the acidosis has been corrected.

before deciding to have an abortion operation, the doctor will require a series of examinations and preoperative accuracy. If it is found that the body temperature rises more than 37.5 degrees, then the abortion operation can not be performed immediately.

when the pregnancy time is still very short, because the change of uterus is not obvious, misdiagnosis may occur. Only when hCG is detected can it be determined.

and at the beginning, because the embryo development is too small, premature abortion, it is easy to occur empty suction or missed suction phenomenon, resulting in incomplete abortion, resulting in abortion failure.

when you are 35-55 days pregnant, this is the best time for abortion surgery. At this time, the size of the gestational sac is just right, B-ultrasound examination can be clearly reflected, but also has not formed a complete fetal body, can be carried out without expanding the uterine body, this time is also relatively small harm to women.

at this time, women’s uterine wall is still relatively thick. Although there are certain changes in the uterus, the changes are not great. It is relatively safe to terminate pregnancy at this time, and the postoperative recovery is relatively fast.

if you have been pregnant for more than 70 days, the fetal sac has already formed and the uterus has become much larger. At this time, abortion operation will cause great harm to the human body, because it is necessary to make full use of dilating forceps for abortion, which is harmful to women’s health.

of course, pregnancy is less than 30 days. Because the embryo is too small, it is not suitable for surgery. Because at this time prone to abortion incomplete or abortion failure. CUISINE&HEALTH