Uniskin youshiyan’s “Chinese Valentine’s day eye CP gift box” on the market

On the eve of the Chinese Valentine’s day, lovers look at each other, and “eye God” comes down with a thump, cherishing and doting on both eyes. In 2020, uniskin youshiyan, together with “eye special agent” Fu Peng and ellemen Ruishi, jointly opened a late night “real” hall. In the form of special photography, the lovers were presented with a series of mysterious dishes of “changing eyes” to protect each other’s sincere time. Meanwhile, UNISKIN excellent Yan also launched the Qixi Festival CP gift box. When the eye cream meets the “star eye” eye essence, every moment of moving is shining brightly. < / P > < p > are you still staying up late to cultivate immortals on the night of “the moon doesn’t sleep, you don’t sleep”? Why don’t you come to uniskin! Here, Fu Peng, the special commissioner of eye, has carefully created a number of mysterious dishes with “radiant eyes”. Want a smooth smile, let dry line work see you for a long time? “Smile” pasta, which is made of smile eye cream, makes the eyes fearless of expression lines. It’s really nice to laugh! Want to let dark circles not stay up late, let small lines invisible? The summer in good out of a bandbox with “star eye” eye essence “from the stars” makes your eyes full of energy and can stay up late. < / P > < p > lovers are excited by the collision of different personalities, and then produce miraculous chemical reactions. Also like UNISKIN, when you are in “the Qixi Festival CP gift box”, the “eye cream” and “star eye” eye essence are the “eye raising” CP. In the eyes of “star eye” eye with bright eyes, we met the guardian smile. KO’s smiling eye’s “smiling eye cream”, “early essence, late eye cream” is their tacit understanding. In the morning, use “star eye” eye essence, lift and shine your eyes. Before going to bed, apply the smiling eye cream to your eyes, while you sleep and repair the fine lines around your eyes for a long time. During the day and night relay, the innovative application of 500da small molecule serum protein bionic peptide, acetylhexapeptide-8, 5% caffeine wrapping compound component, high concentration tetrapeptide 10%, high-purity Schizosaccharomyces cerevisiae and other ingredients burst into a powerful effect, which makes the repairing ability of anti wrinkle, wrinkle relief and light aging isolation step by step, endowing the eye skin with moisturizing and rejuvenating energy and lighting up the smiling star eyes. CUISINE&HEALTH