United Nations Children’s foundation: malnutrition affects millions of children in West Africa

The United Nations Children’s foundation (UNICEF) said on the 9th that millions of children in the Sahel of West Africa are seriously affected by malnutrition. It is necessary to respond to the crisis in a comprehensive and sustainable way by combining short-term emergency assistance with long-term development interventions. The Sahel is a vast and barren semi desert region in Africa. It is located in the south of the Sahara desert and north of the Sudan grassland, including Mali, Niger, Burkinabe, Chad, northwest Nigeria and northern Cameroon. Children in the Sahel region are facing survival challenges such as inadequate feeding, poor sanitation, limited quality medical services and difficult access to safe water due to multiple factors such as large-scale poverty, weak health care system, social unrest, armed conflict and climate change The situation worsened further. According to the United Nations Children’s foundation, the number of emaciated children in the Sahel region accounts for more than 60% of the whole west and Central Africa. The number of children involved may increase from 8.1 million at the beginning of this year to 9.7 million by the end of the year, of which 3 million are extremely serious and may be life-threatening. In addition, a third of local children are stunted by malnutrition. PARRENT&CHILDREN